Wednesday, July 16, 2008


It's That Time Of The Year Again!!!!

The King of Fruit is Bbbback! ..Yeah.... D*U*R*I*A*N*S!!!!!

We have two excellent "Good-Durian-Detectors" at Home! Wifey and Xiao Mei! All they have to do is to take a bite of a good durian and they start to ................Sneeze!
You see, we managed to get some of the best ones such as "Musang King ( aka MauSangWong or Raja Kunyit), "Red Prawns (aka AngHae), XO, D24, Trekka and D2.
When our specialists goes....AhChooooo! Wheeeeze!....then, these durians are darn good!
Picture below is the XO variety.
See? Da seed is so small and flat also!!
So how? Wifey:....burp!, Xiao Mei:.....BUURPPPPP! AAAAAH!

(p.s. Chris,Julie,Dan.........this is also dedicated to all of you!!!)Ha!Ha!


Lucy said...

Wow! the pictures look good better best than those durians seen in Klang lah..most durians displayed by the sellers cannot beat

QuaChee said...

just had durians myself. cant wait to get more of those yummy ones!

Isabel said...

let us hit the "DURIANsss" next month^^ how is sound?

Birds Talking Too said...

Great Idea! Hope there is still durians after Easter Sunday!Ha!Ha!