Friday, July 4, 2008

A short trip out of town


To chill out after a tiring 2 days trying to get the hacked blogsites back on, we took a drive up the coast. Took some nice pictures of some birds (the feathered kind), had their famous sea food and explored a swamp!

Lovely Birds: (Below): A Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) (Below): A Little Heron (Butorides striatus)
(Below): A Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea)
( Below): A White-throated Kingfisher (Halcyon smyrnensis)
(Below): A White-collared Kingfisher ( Halcyon chloris)
And (below): Our favourite Raptor, our Mascot the Crested Serpent Eagle (Spilornis cheela)

TheFood! TheFood!

The picture above is a newly added (seasonal) dish of dried fried jelly fish! (hokk..Thay)
(Above) This is their ever popular fried bee hoon (rice noodle) with CRABS!!!!

(Above) Steamed fresh scallops with white rice wine! Ya....Yummy!

(Below) A swimming small Garfish (Ikan Todak)on the surface of the water.

The weather was bright and sunny at first until a storm set in.

Below: A telephoto shot of a kelong with Pulau Angsa in the background.
(Below) Nipah fruit. (Hokk...Atap Chee) of the Nipah Palm at the swamp.

FIRE STATION! (Below) One of the smallest Fire Brigade station I have ever seen. A obsolete Proton Arena and it looks like an old truck used to carry fish!!!
This is their Balai Bomba set up by their small community! Where are the Gormen? What do the Gormen do with their contribution to all their Tax (Cukai) Collections yearly? Poor Folks!!

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