Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Da Great Debate

I Missed Da Great Debate on TV!

Due to an urgent matter, I missed the much awaited debate about the fuel increase!
I managed to catch the tail-end during a repeat. That means, I missed alot of goodies.
But this morning, it is confirmed that there may never be a round two with both debators!
This is because the other bloke been arrested!

From comments pasted on da net, it looks like one of them was so 'garang' that he was 'frothing' in his mouth!!! That part, I saw clearly. Told my wife: "Is there something wrong with him?"
I later added that " He can speak but kept missing the point, he stayed UNfocused and the frothing showed too clearly.....and it was going to drip all over the floor!!!" I was worried then.

My question would be: During his rehearsal, did he not froth in the mouth? Did his coach/assistants see this? Is he the ONLY good speaker they have?

My advice is this, the next time he speaks, please lah get an assistant to go wipe his mouth every 2 minutes or every one minute should the talk gets too 'Hot". Also please get a medical team on stand by. Perhaps, check him for Rabies and give him da shots prior to the debate. We should at least protect his fellow speaker, the cameramen, the soundman........Maybe also get the Jabatan Haiwan on standby with ropes.

Here is a part of da Great Debate:

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