Wednesday, July 9, 2008

JeeeeeZ! A Liar!!!!!!!!

Why You Bluffing Wan????

This morning, I read "The Sun" news papers and saw an MP explaining about his version of a hand excersise saying that it was not a vulgar hand sign.
Just now, I saw the video clip!!!

Now guys and gals, raise up your two hands and did what brudder 'Dung Mokka' did. First, place your left palm over the right palm. Hold it there and slowly raise it up till 10 inches. Then suddenly, slap it shut quickly. See, so easy!

Now, do that all over again and do it fast!fast!. See, who said it was a bad sign?

Cannot get it?

Then go here to see how brudder 'Dung Mokka' did it here

Blardy LIAR!!!!!! Our Parliament House has gone to da Apes!!!!

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