Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The World IS Watching!!!!

Dear Politicians

Please stop all the Mud Slinging and please stop talking Bull! We are getting fed-up already!

Just look at the 4-day traffic jams due to road blocks! Are we already in a Police-State? Just see and feel the helicopters hoovering around. Are all of you in the state of Panic?
Jobs and businesses have already incurred losses!

The entire World is watching us as we are hitting the headlines for da wrong reasons!
Please give us back some dignity (...if we still have some left....) and pride as Malaysians.

We have claimed so much FIRST'S and BEST'S such as (..formally..) Tallest Building, Biggest Airport, Tallest Tower, Best Super Multi Media Corridor, Best Airline, Best Car, World Class Port, Smart Schools, Smart Hospital, Smart MyKad, Smartest TAG (...that eats up the 9v battery faster than you can replace it....), Best Brand Telecommunication Company, Best LCCT airport, Best and Smart Public Transportation, Best Taxi, Smart Phone, Best Nasional Service....etc.

Talked the talk, but could not walk the walk! And now is like a limping arsehole.

Do anyone of you realise how far behind we are left, when it comes to the 'actual' World sense?

How come we are not included in the Worldwide launch of the iPhone but 75 other countries are in? How come Sony Playstation 3 are still not launched in Malaysia after 3 years? How come we in Malaysia still do not have HDTV whereas a small island somewhere in the frigid coldness of the North Atlantic called Faroe Islands have HDTV? How come so many International Airlines that lands in the new airports of Thailand, Singapore, HongKong, Beijing do not land here in KLIA?How come our Internet so-called Broadband's speed do not exceed 800kbps all the time (for most of us)?
And finally, how come Malaysia is going to be included with current countries like Botswana, Lesotho, Bolivia, Trinidad & Tobago, Swaziland (...not Switzerland...), and Namibia by Britian (UK)
that we NEED to apply for a VISA to visit their Country by end of this year? This is utterly Stupid!

Our politicians are causing the world to be so unsure about us. Looks like we are really going BACKWARDS (superfast) instead of looking forward. What we really need is SMART politicians to make the entire world feeling SAFE and happy about us Malaysians. Please Help Us, Heal Us and stop all the current stupidities immediately!

Maybe in due course, the only place we do not need a Visa is at the International Space Station in Outer Space!!!!!

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