Friday, July 11, 2008

Real Tea Time in Klang


Puked so much crap 'out' due to what happened in the Parliament House and that Kinabatangan Proboscis ape's now famous 'Johnson's Clap', I missed Breakfast, Lunch but Tea.

Luckily wifey made her famous "Ye Ole English Scones". Yuuummmy!....Smack! Her 100% 'organic' secret receipe includes oats, Granny Smiths, raisins and is Trans Fat free.
It also comes along with two popular varieties of Fortnum and Mason's jam! One is "Old English Hunt -Orange Marmalade" and "Wild Orange -Medium Cut Marmalade" (wowie! "real wild orange!")

Here can get meh? Nah, it was bought in from Piccadilly, UK, hand-carried, air-flown, hand-carried again & car-driven up to Klang!

Tea, not coffee? Ya, sometime besides da famous Hai Peng coffee, we drink only single-original tea from Dilmah, Sri Lanka! Wah better than most 5star tea house! Sure lah!
Hungry already?

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