Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bird Race Next Weekend

Fraser's Hill
International Bird Race 2009

It's back! The FHIBR will be held on 20th.-21st. June, 2009 at Bukit Fraser, Pahang.

Visit this site for more information.

This yearly event gets bigger everytime and this year's would be special, very special.
The entire hill resort have been going through extensive renovations to further enhance the quaint old charm of 'Little England'.

For almost 2 years, all major key areas such as hotels, inns, shops and restaurants would be 'remade' to its original feature. We were told of this last year and we are looking forward to not only the Bird Race but to see whatever transformed as promised.

Importantly, it must be remembered that this small hill resort is on a Forrest Reserve and respect to the laws governing this are to be followed strictly without exceptions. The common disturbances ranges from noisy exhaust pipes from motorcycles and souped-up cars and keeping the engine running while waiting for the entry/exit (only) road to be opened.Visitors are reminded that this is a 'nature' tourist spot and it has no Casinos nor any Shopping arcades.

All visitors should make less noise and not to disturb the peace. Thus not frightening all animals especially the birds.

Hopefully too, the VIPs do not come over in their Helicopters like they did in 2007!

Awww...the noise Suxs!

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