Friday, June 26, 2009

Please Stop It!!!

Now Everyone Can Flu!

Dear people,
[Okay, okay, I may be going to get flamed to death, for this.]

The dreaded A(H1N1) Flu Bug is getting out of hand and dear friends, please do your part to stop 'spreading it'. You see, after reading the news, I just cannot understand why so many still continue to travel, exposing themselves and taking such a high risk by being in an interior cabin of a aeroplane for hours? Or in a stuffy local bus?
Errr..."now everyone can....flu?"

Is it just because you have bought cheap tickets at the previous Matta fair?

Now that Matta is also coming around to give cheap fairs so what? You quick, quick go buy ALL the cheap fares up?
FCUK YOU, if I ever get picked up and gets quarantined (like a friend of mine did) for this frigging flu, I am going to sue for a million Ringgit!!!!! Serious.

Don't you ever think? Some even went for a holiday knowing the flu is around! Huh?
Go Shiok, Shoik without thinking and come back with da flu and passing it around for
I hate going to hospitals and please do not make me go to one. I repeat, I hate hospitals.
Go FCUK yourself if you are one of those bloody inconsiderate ones! Also, please dear Ah Peks, stop spitting on the five foot way and please cough into your handkerchief. I still see these bloody farkers doing it, so commonly done in Klang.
This happened just yesterday! Bloody uneducated Farkers! Ptuiiiii to you too!
Dear Mothers, please 'Ajar' your blardy kids NOT to cough as they wish. You must be so brainless to let them spread disease around. Want to see this? Just go to any Hypermart and watch, especially those with large families. Blardy fark!

Therefore, please lah, just stop travelling unnecessarily until this flu go away. Is it so difficult to think with that brain of yours?

World Health Organisation Updates as at 24th. June 2009.

(Click map to enlarge... dated 24.06.2009)

Alamak, now the Matta Fair comes again.

Go quick and travel. Help spread the flu around! The Gormen also own da Airlines so how?

Die lah!

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