Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Start Em Young.

Thanks Sister Kah Yein,

Read from that Dr. Chan Kah Yein, our Dhamma speaker, a true animal lover and a pet rescuer leads the I-SAW (INTI Society for Animal Welfare), INTI College at Subang Jaya. That is great news.
Please do try to get your hands on her book, "Pawprints on my heart" It is about seven little stories about kindness to animals. Also do keep a box of tissue next to you while reading her experiences with her pets and those who were discarded. She will show you how we can make our lives richer and more meaningful as we live together harmoniously as one big family.

Now this is what I call "See the Bigger Picture" and "Think Out of the Box". I sincerely believe that those who read this book, will get to fully understand and love animals even though you do not have a pet.

Educate, that's right, teach the young.

Prayer of Gentleness to All Creatures

To all the humble beasts there be,
To all the birds on land and sea,
Great Spirit, sweet protection give
That free and happy they may live!

And to our hearts the rapture bring
Of love for every living thing;
Make us all one kin, and bless
Our ways with Nature's gentleness!

John Galsworthy
(1867 - 1933)
Nobel Prize winner (Literature) 1932


Janz said...

Hi Donald,

Gud Day to u.... Yup, the book Pawprints in my heart realli touches the readers heart... I bought the book wen i 1st saw it published on "The Star"... I cried wen i read the stories inside and also the pics printed on the bopok itself... Thks Dr Chan...

Birds Talking Too said...

Thanks for your comments Janz.
I am so glad that I have helped by donating a small sum for the first publication. You should hear her speak about compassion. Just imagine that a Ph.D in (of all subjects!)Mathematics, can show so much love in life especially to animals which, to most, are worthless.

Kim Gorman said...

Beautiful suggestion and poem, Donald. Thank you for writing them down. I'm writing with my own rescued cat, Gretchen, on my arm. Good day to you!


Nikki, the Pug said...

Yup, mummy is reading the book now. She is really enjoying it.

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Kim,
Many thanks and glad to hear from you again!
Greetings from Malaysia.

Donald.G.H Tan

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Nikki,
Glad that your Mummy enjoyed da book. Pssssstt!....did she reached for da box of tissues? Bet she did!
Donald G.H Tan

chankahyein said...

Hi everyone, and thanks so much, Donald. This is the first time I'm reading this and I'm so touched! I need a box of tissues, pls....

Hi Janz - was the book published in "The Star"?? I didn't know that. And the book is FREE, not sold. If you had bought it, may I know where from and how much? Thanks.

I had just started a blog and purchased a domain name for it too. It's The kids say I should purchase the domain name since AnimalCare is reaching out to more people now.

Do log in and take a look, and leave some comments too.

My next book, Indy Jones, will be out soon. You can read the e-version already (check it out from the blog, pls).

Thank you again.