Sunday, June 21, 2009

Heterometrus spinifer

A Giant Scopion!

Was at the Fraser's Hill International Bird Race 2009 yesterday.

It rained and rained. There was also a thick blanket of smokey haze being mistakenly thought as the usual mist at Bukit Frasers. One can 'smell' the haze.
Phooey! Not much birds anymore.
But while taking shelter at a slope, we were startled and alarmed by a very large scorpion.
No, I am not too crazy about scorpions but one must respect the wilds. This IS her place.
Later, I learned more about this Asia Giant Forest Scorpion (Heterometrus spinifer) and is also known as the Malaysian Black scorpion. She is hugh and unlike other scorpions I have seen. It kinda look like a big 'Udang Galah' walking on land and the blue color is very attractive. Noticed the yellowish bulb just before the sting. Watch it! Whoa!

This HD Video was shot in-situ. I have added an AudioSwap music "One Minute Left" by Arts & Kraphts Galleries from You Tube. Awesome! Enjoy!

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