Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just Eat This!

Silicon additive in
Soya Bean Milk.

Was milling around a leading wholesaler dealing in Food and Utensils in Klang.

Came across an item which really surprises me! What is a chemical company manufacturing plastics and silicons have to do with our soya bean milk and tofu?

I noticed that this is to be used when making anything with soya bean milk to 'prevent' the milk from 'foaming'! Is this safe? With our kind of poor enforcement, what is there to check overuses and abuses?

There were also rows and rows of food coloring, additives.....etc. even those confirmed to be carcinogenics (cancer causing) in other countries like sunset yellow...etc.!!!!!! Where is the enforcement?

Remember the "Melamine" incident? This one here is also 'plastic' based. Also go to this link and here to read more or key-in "Shin-Etsu, soya beans, plastics " in the search engines.

I am no professor to say whether it is safe or not but I am definitely not comfortable about this chemical appearing in our food. What happened to just plain old soya bean drink? We really do NOT need additives or 'fortified' this and that. Who gave 'you' the decision to tell us what to eat?

Even stopped drinking a certain "V" brand soya bean milk which was reputed to be the 'thickest' soya bean drink ever! Still wondering what did they add to make it so thick?

Please remember that Cancer is NOT a disease. It is caused by eating too much processed food!!

4 comments: said...

I think this 'thickening agent' has been used for quite some time. Ever noticed how our 'tau cheong sui' thickens or has this funny sediment when it is left 'sitting' for quite sometime? We can't do anything, right? Make your own, is the way.

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Bubbles,
Thanks for your comment.
But...many are still clueless about what was posted here. It was NOT about the Gypsum powder which was used hundreds of years to co-agulate soya bean milk into bean curd/tofu/taufoofah. This natural gypsum mineral (dihydrate calcium- CaS04.1/2H2o) which is also used to make plaster of Paris and gypsum ceiling and wall partition boards are quite safe to eat in minute quantities. BUT I am refering to a NEW chemical being used here. It is an anti-foaming agent being used in our food but is normally used in boiling plastics!!
Do not really blame you because many do not know what we are eating until we 'kena' the dreaded Cancer. But then is it too late already?
Just what is the blasted Ministry of Health is doing about food safety? Promoting Health Tourism I guess?
Yeah, come to Malaysia for your best Cancer doctors! After removing the tumor, Jom, lets go Visit Malaysia!!!! Ha!Ha!

Anonymous said...

Guess I should get one of them Bean Maker to make my own soya bean / red bean / green bean water huh?! That should be safest ...
Well, I use to buy soya bean from this "Soya King" Truck and Soya Shop...I wonder soyabean water vendors like them uses this anti-foaming agent?? Well they have a big sign though claiming they do not use Gypsum Powder, so I do hope they do not use the anti foaming agent too.
Mrs Tham

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Mrs Tham,
I sincerely believe that ALL locally made soya bean drink, taufu and tau foo fah now have this anti-foaming agent. It is about making money because this anti foaming agent reduces work time and also prevents soy milk from sticking to the bottom of the boiler/pots if you don't stir them fast enough.
One also need not scoop out the foam everytime.
Tadaaaaa! It was told to me last week by the shop who sells this stuff and even said that it is a very popular item in this wholeseller which does excellent business by those involved in the cottage food industry! Plenty in Klang!
The DIY Soybean maker I bought 6 years ago is in a box somewhere in my storeroom! Just cleaning the metal filter alone made me regret buying the machine.