Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Land Cleared!


It personally took us six long years to see and experience what loss of greenery can do to our environment.

When we bought our home here in Klang in 2003, the opposite site was pure greenery. The air was fresh, clean and one can smell what is pure oxygenic air is all about. There were old timber trees, wild bananas, wild plants, insects, birds, not forgetting frogs, snakes and monitor lizards.
That's pure Nature money cannot buy!
But then, someone bought it! Bought it to make money by clearing all the trees to build houses.
Seven years difference. Picture taken in late 2002(above) . Exactly the same position taken today, 2009, it looks like this! (below)
These houses are so closely packed that out of these 60 houses, few of them grew any trees outside of their new homes. All side spaces inside were tiled-up to put another car.

We felt warmer especially on hot days like these.

At the back area after our neighbours, there was another large tract of greenery.
This is where we still can get our clean and cool air. Along came the birds.It was heaven sent.

This small area housed many of our favourites. There were the Crested Serpent Eagle (a pair of them), the Brown Wood Owl, the Spotted Wood Owl, the Asian Koel, Coucal, Blue-throated Bee Eater,

Munia, Coppersmith Barbet, Starlings, White-breasted Waterhen, Brahminy Kite and the Nightjar. There maybe more if time were given. Birds watching was so comfy and spontaneous.

As at today, all these are GONE!
All the trees are chopped down two weeks ago. The land have changed hands and I was told that the new owner wanted to build a "palace" for his large extended family. Sounds too familiar. After looking at what was done, it looks like he can build many "palaces" for many families!! Schucks! At a stroke of a pen the birds are gone!

Is that all what we really care for? Money? Are we short of houses? Bullshit!
It is the Money. Nothing else.
OK, this land is not mine, so I cannot say or do anything. People may tell me it is 'development' for the future. Development my arse! And go fuck the future if there are people like that. Humans are just breeding too fast...just like flies!
The authorities approving another housing project without giving any thought for greenery to regenerate the air are another bunch of arseholes. It is about money. Cukai pintu, cukai tanah, cukai this and cukai that.
Now the Haze.

So, many of us have just fitted air conditioners stupidly thinking that air-conditioners produces fresh air! Bodoh! Without opening your bedroom windows for 24 hours, it will only make the carbon dioxide that you breathe out, cooler. Eventually you still breathe in what you breathe out! How stupid. Now we get the disease of the air. The Flu.
See how stupid humans think?

OK, I am paranoid because I lost the birds. But it is Nature that everyone of us loose. Not me alone stupid! So what are we going to have? New houses right? Yeah.
More of those obnoxious 'fat' richmen with their fat-wives, fat-children, a fat-maid and even a fat-dog. I think you get my drift.......

After six years here, I am begining to see better how those fat Mr.Richman works. Klang's got plenty of 'em. They all have lovely slim, sexy Girlfriends/Mistresses with BMWs or Porche Cayenne. Their fat-wives at home get a Toyota Camry or a Honda Accord. A big car mah? Sometimes you get to see the entire slob of a family in restaurants eating like pigs. You can just 'hear' them.

Come Chinese New Year, you can really hear them! This time louder still.

Even their 'GODS' hear them!

Except for the Police, MPK and Customs!
They let off firecrackers and fireworks in the wee fucking hours of the morning, frightening 'evil spirits' away (as if). They forget they have neighbours. In Klang, Day Eight makes Afghanistan looks like Disneyland. Damn bloody inconsiderate bastards!

In Day One and Day Fifteenth will see them burning 'gold' papers (as if) by some miracle of supreme-broadband-internet-connections, the gods get to receive them and give them more moolahs and nothing else but plenty more moolahs!
One can see these worshippers of moolahs by just looking from the outside of their homes.
Everything is Red and Gold in colour! Cut outs of enormously large (graphical) pineapples in pairs (like a pair of phallic Balls!)
and hor, ...also flickering super bright red LEDS at night (as if) the gods travelling at light speed can spot them at 30,000 feet above sea level! All at the same time!
Even the joss sticks are 12 feet tall and burns forever!
Money is what they pray for. Nothing else matters.
....."Moolah, Moolah,Moolah! It's a Richman World!............
Neighbours can go fuck themselves for all they care.

Now, back to my subject.

Humans, and only humans are the cause of diseases. That's for sure.....proven already.
Not the Birds, or Pigs, or Cows, or Chicken or Goats. Just bloody smart-assed humans.

The dreaded:- A(H1N1) flu, Denggue, TB, MB, Typhoid, Fuckhoid, Cocksuckie, Chikungunya, Niahmagunya, Ringgitgunya,..Whateverkunya........BRING IT ON!

It maybe Nature's only way of neutering and spaying humans! Go on!
Nature is waiting!

(All Pictures mainly mine, others by Google Images)


Anonymous said...

Uncle Tan!
Msia has bad urban planning, or simply say: no planning. So they cut/ chop whereever they want. Look at Ampang Hill- it's the shame of the nation.

Although i come from a small town in melaka, where developement (thank god) is virtually non existant, so there are still alot of forest around my place.

But guess it's only a matter of time where the 'development' will come bulldozing through my backyard.

In UK, the greenlungs rule of residential area is very strictly preserved. So they maintain a certain ratio of land: nature, with alot of parks la.

It's saddening eh, our beloved nation with such blessed environment being ransacked by so called 'architects' & developer. Many times, the housing ministry people aren't even highly qualified to have enough experience to hold such anthority in the government for giving out licences to cut cut cut!

Vicky said...

Hi Donald

You are soooo spot on!
These have been my sentiments all along. Animals when there is an over population, humans cull them. And when certain animals go extinct cos human destroyed their habitat, the humans worry and find ways of bringing the animals back!! Now that the human race is over populated, should culling start?? And humans are the so called intelligent species. Go figure!
And I totally agree with you, its all about the MOOLAHS.

Donald G.H Tan said...

Dear Anon,
Thanks for your comment. Very simple. Just look at the Photos of our entire Cabinet Ministers and their deputies...... any REALLY qualified? then, there is this little kingdom somewhere near (north of) Sabah....South of the Philippines.....Bah!

Donald G.H Tan said...

Yup Vicky, thanks for agreeing but then, isn't it the truth? They wanted to cull the dogs, now the monkeys. Why not go to the Parliament house to see who really need to be spayed!
Just like Birds. The name Burung alone is not enough. Or the word Pulau. Tidal Mangrove Swamp is NOT a Pulau. Ever!
Finesse is the word. Do they know such a word exists?

Donald G. H Tan

WChinner said...

Hi Donald;
Haven't you ever wondered that the house that you bought now was once a greenland too which were full of birds, lizards, snakes, monkeys & etc..? Most of nature lovers like us would definitely complain if the natural heritage in front of us has been cleared. Have you wonder that your earlier neighbours next to your area may have the shared the same feeling like you now? Because your house that is sitting now may once be a green area too.
Nevertheless, i totally agree with you about humans are the main cause of everything. Could God made a mistake by creating homosapiens only to find that his beloved creation is destroying his "original arts" as well. Well, sad to say... is too late... But i strongly believe in Evolution. In which at the rate on how we live and destroying, we are indeed destroying ourselves and in the end; homosapiens will be evolved to something else.
Therefore, scrape off what the bible says about human population "... go forth and propagate..." That's old age which does not work for now. Now is the time to control population. Wish there is a new age Bible somewhere.

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear WChinner,
Yup I felt that too but you see, I bought an old house which was already 12 years old. I did some renovations but kept the extra land into a well manicured garden to cool down our corner lot. I planted some fruit trees on the corner area outside of our land so that it is well shaded thus birds can fly in. We ensured that we ,too, play our part to keep things green.
The newer houses(castles) are all tiled up every square inch! No green because as my neighbours quoted"....alamak! everyday must sweep the leaves and cut the grass...." These Rich'a'man castles have stainless steel gates, railings, poles,etc.

When we go to PJ via the North route, i.e Setia Alam, Klang Sentral, Tesco,.... you could see for miles, the entire area have already been cleared out of trees and now looks like a desert! I used to take photos of waders, egrets, snipes, and even a lone kestrel! Now, today, all gone.
No new houses are also being built. Why?
Also agree with you that we need a new age guide that is for the 'Now' and not trying to live our life as in the past just like some 'old-antique thinking' of the future. This is already the future.

Was also told that a certain religion said that their gods have said "all there is to be said" for the future i.e. today. I sincerely wish to believe (?) that the deadly germ called MRSA (superbug)
Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus was already named hundreds of years ago. Was Methicillin ever discovered and used then? Ha!Ha!

Yes, dear Mother Nature, please twitch your toes again. Give us some action. Some said that you are going to do it on Wednesday,
22nd. July 2009. Wow! Let us wait and see.

Cheers and Regards
Donald G.H Tan

Anonymous said...

:-) Donald, so well said about putting a deaf ear to the happenings in Klang!! I can tell you all, when come to CNY, Fireworks in Klang sure put our National Day Firework Display to SHAME!! The whole skyline is like a WAR zone! Go see for yourself, best time to view : 12midnite sharp, venue : roadside after the RM.40 toll (think its the Shapadu Toll, correct me if I am wrong Donald) See for yourself how the Klang people gets such priviledge to blast fireworks within housing area,...even in front of a neighbor's gate!!!! ALTHOUGH ILLEGAL. Well, MALAYSIA BOLEH!
Mrs Tham

Anonymous said...

Look at NY with is Central Park. Our bad planning doesnt even consider any green lung in our rural and urban development. stupid greedy developers maximizing on profits and space.

WChinner said...

Hi Donald;
What will happen in July 22nd?

Btw, need your help to id this bird for me,


Birds Talking Too said...

Sorry folks for the late reply.

WChinners:- Many predicted that there will be some kind of earthquake very near Taiwan, Japan and down to the Mariana Trench. All underwater. At the same time, it would be the Lunar calendar day One where again, the gravitational force can move the plates below us. So it is a 3 in 1 thinggy. all on the 22nd. July. Many called it a Hoax. I really dunno. You can key in at Google Search on just the date itself. Surprising leading scientists are believeing it too.
Now, maybe I go get all my camera stuff and go to Kuantan (on a higher ground of course) to record money making scenes!


Birds Talking Too said...

Oh! I forgot to mentioned the solar eclipse too. Right smack on the spot!


WChinner said...

Oh ya... i recall now that i read somewhere about this.
aiya, i will be back to langkawi then.. oh well... que sera, sera