Monday, June 8, 2009

A Short Tour

Pulau Ketam

This is a short video filmed on our recce trip on 28th. April, 2009, shortly after discovering the dumping of the 400 dogs to Hell's Island.

This HD Video is on You Tube.

TV Smith and I interviewed the village chief (scene deleted) but this clip shows you their lives on the main island, their culture, beliefs, and their daily chores. This place is also a tourist destination listed on the Malaysian Tourists map.
Their main produce is seafood.


Kim Gorman said...

Very interesting sights and sounds, Donald. Did the village chief say anything about the dogs in the interview? Those two dogs you showed were the lucky ones, weren't they.

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Kim,
Thanks for your comment. Yes he did but I would rather leave this to TV Smith on this matter.
Yes the two dogs are the lucky ones. They seem happy and well taken care of. But hopefully all things will return to normal after such nasty episode in Pulau Ketam.
I am still boycotting them not because of the horrendous act but also collecting monetary reward in doing so!!!
Anyway, I hope I can change my mind about this boycot as TV Smith quoted "...winning their hearts and mind.." by educating them about owning dogs responsibly and help in reducing strays.

Donald G. H Tan