Thursday, June 11, 2009

Malaysian Sunbird

Our Resident
Olive-backed Sunbird

One of our babies have grown up to be a wonderful looking girl. She is seen here sipping nectar from our own DIY feeder made from a petri dish, a recycleable cover and a fake flower.

You see, our Sunbirds are related to the Hummingbirds.
It is always our wish to see a real Hummingbird. Would have to go to the US to see one of these. In these two months in the States,....... it's "Hummers Time"!

This is the Rufous Hummingbird (below)

The Magnificient Hummingbird (below)
And the Anna's Hummingbird (below)

Wow! What excellent zingers they are !

(Pictures by Google Images; Hummingbird video by DMA Dave on You tube; Sunbird Video is mine)


Liz said...

Hello there,

I was googling about birds, thought it was the hummingbird but it was the olive-backed sunbird. It really looks like the hummingbird, isn't it.

Your video was awesome!

I had this bird coming often to my balcony of roses and hanging pots. So small and cute. In the morning it came to drink from the excess water of on the flowers and leaves. It grooms itself, fluttering the little wings and puffing its feathers. So petite and cute.

I love watching birds but usually from my own dwelling. They love to come to my abode and they are most welcome any time they like (:

Birds Talking Too said...

Hi Liz,
Ya.., they are really cute. We now have at least, eight adults dropping by for the nectar feeder we managed to get from the US. By now we have indirectly raised 7th. generation of olive-backs. They built their nests on our mango trees outside. Their babies are so bold enough to sit right at our windows panes to chirp as I type this!
Regards and thanks for dropping by.

Donald G.H.Tan

shangfu said...

What do u substitute nectar with? What's the formula?