Monday, June 1, 2009


Our Very First
Wild Bird Seed Feeder!

While looking for washers to fit up my DIY Parabolic Microphone at Ace Hardware in the Ikano Power Centre, PJ, I was stunned to be starring at a Bird Seed Feeder! Please note that usually such feeders are never found here in this country or perhaps the whole of Asia! We were trying to buy one from the USA. They retail it for around USD 8 each but the courier charge of USD80 would put anyone off!
After looking around the section, I noticed some other feeders like the 'suet' type. There were 20 pieces. The suet ones are almost impossible to use because one have to use 'suet' cakes (made of hardened seeds,fruits,fats,vitamins...) In our hot climate, these would have melted down to the ground!
WHOA! this costs RM86.90, such high profit! It is made in China!
So we took the one and ONLY unit!
Luckily it was also adaptable for small and large seeds.
Yesterday, we went to a bird shop in Klang town and look for seeds. We had a hard time explaining to the boss about our wild birds. He has not heard of feeding wild birds with this kind of feeder before! We really can't blame him because all his customers are feeding CAGED birds!

There was a wide array and types of seed!
We chose the popular ones.
Because we have visiting wild birds, I would expect our resident Merbuks (Peaceful Dove) to feed from this feeder.
This would not be easy because the one made for the USA are for finches, Chickadees, Nuthatches and siskins. I would have to coax and lead our to new babies who are already taking flying lessons from the parents.
Our earlier DIY Nectar feeders are very successful and we have 3 of them. Topping the nectar every 3 days draws our five little sunbirds everyday.

Still working our way to feed our resident Magpies (7 of them) who roost here every night.

Could this be the ONLY wild birds seed feeder working here in Malaysia (or in Asia) right now?


hew said...

hi donald,
congrats! keep us posted on this. i would be interested to know what birds would go for this bird feeder.

Jolee said...

Hi Donald,

This is cool. What would feed mynahs, sparrows and that yellow+black bird? What's that bird called?

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Hew,
Would be monitoring this every hour. Just to see what birds feeds from this.
Jolee,since feeding this way is pretty new, I would be placing an inverted cover of a kuali/wok six inches below the feeder and place some seeds on it. Being curious, the bird might take the hint that there are more goodies higher up!
Who knows? Hope that works.
Yes, it would take some time to attract birds to a feeder. Birds need to feel safe and secure, away from cats, rats and snakes.
Let us wait and see.
The first moment they use this feeder, I would be filming them on my new HD camcorder and put on You Tube.
Cheers and Regards
Donald G.H Tan
Biurds Talking Too

ashley wong said...

Hi donald

i've seen this at ace hardware but i think it is expensive. had been trying to think of a way to DIY birdfeeder. have lots of ideas but remained ideas floating in my head...cos i'm no good at DIY.

if i can get one done successfully, my cats won't be so bored with only 4 walls and me for company - they can watch the birds feeding :-)

but i'll be following this thread cos i have always loved the idea of feeding birds

Vicky Soh said...

Hi Donald

Have been following your post since the poor dogs at Pulau Ketam were highlighted. Thanks for all that you and the team have done! Wish I could help out physically but I am afraid of water! In place I send some cash and lots of prayers :)
I have been feeding the mynahs and the sparrows with left over cat kibbles. And they come right up the door step where I hung the container and sometimes right into the living room too :). Have to been trying to get a bird feeder to hang further out cos they poo poo at the door and living room too :(.
Like Ashley Wong said, the feeder you got is a bit expensive. Wonder if anyone has made a DIY feeder and would be willing to share.
Besides mynahs and sparrows, sunbirds, bul-bul, merbok, swallows and of course the pigeons come to my garden too. So lovely seeing them feeding and sometimes bathing in the water and sand :)

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Ashley and Vicky,

We DIYed the nectar feeder after many trials. As a reader of 'Wild Birds' and 'Bird Watcher's Degest'
monthly magazine (only from Borders -The Curve) we tried it out and succeded. Still wishing to get the actual one to see how to make it ant-proof. Our local 'hummers' are here every day even as I type this reply. As for the seed type, making one is very tricky. That is why I bought that one at a very high price. It sells just for USD8 each but for years, I have been looking for it but none.
So being so hardup, I bought it. Now, one got to be careful about getting the right one. The Ports (the holes for allowing the seed to fit the bird's beak come in 2 sizes) let us just call it small seeds and big seeds. Then also need to know what Malaysian birds take those. We are still 'un-educated' about feeding wild birds this way but are willing to try out and test our patience for the joy of it.
Latest:...two Merbuks,being seed eaters are already sizing up the feeder. I have even place an attractor below the feeder. It is an inverted recycled frying pan's cover with some seeds on it.
Still wishing for the action.
My lights, camera....awaiting action!
Please go to my older blog on the DIY sunbirds and the many ways how our sunbird fed! Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

dear mr donald
hope ure doin great
theres something to share with u.
can i get ur email address?

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Anon.
You can mail me at this email addy.
I usually do not respond to anonymous posters.