Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Cure for H1N1?

Prevention is Better

Was shopping at a leading Chinese Medical Hall for dried herbs and stuff.

Came across a packet of herbal 'cooling tea' that said something for the dreaded H1N1 bug.
Must be good because it is highly recommended and popular amongst their customers.
Lots of dried stuff like seeds, nuts, leaves, barks, flowers.......
Since the weather is that bad and hot, a little amount of cooling tea helps.

We gave it a go because we are always believing in herbs anyway.
Prevention is always better than cure.


Dr. Kim Gorman said...

Just don't purchase anything with bear bile or fur in it! I learned about FFF from my favorite charity, Wonderful organization rescuing bears from bile farms in China and Vietnam. Thanks!


Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Kim,
So nice to hear from you.
Nope, we do NOT support anything that have animal products. Our family is 89% animal free. At this age, we do more fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables. Occasional fish and seafood (Not P.Ketam's though) and some lean pork.
Always hated the Bear Bile bulabula, dried frogs, dried seahorses, tiger's privates, frog's ovaries,.......etc!
Hey, heard about the Greater Coucal's babies soaked in brandy?
These are all utterly rubbish!

We are lover of Mother Nature and are trying to do our part to respect her. See what happened to Acheh when she moved her toes? Just wait till she lets off gas! Ha!Ha!

Thanks again
Cheers and Regards
Donald G.H Tan

Jolee said...

I heard from my aunt that there are other ways to treat the same ailments using herbs instead of animal products. Although they say that it's not as effective as animal parts, but we careful consumers would rather take more herbs than to purchase animal parts.

These medicine hall operators, are also business people. If nobody's buying animal parts, they'll stop selling...

Kim Gorman said...

Yes, Jolee, the medical community and the traditional asian medicine practitioners are finally getting the word out that there are excellent herbal and synthetic varieties of remedies to replace animal parts. Bear bile used to be used for inflammatory conditions, but the bile produced from farmed bears is gotten in a very inhumane way and is full of infection, hair, pus and other cells.

Kim Gorman said...

Good for you, Donald and family. I have been a non-meat eater for 15 years and recently gave up fish (trying to anyway.. getting other protein amino acids is a little challenging). Staying away from leather shoes is also difficult, but I'm trying. I live in the agricultural midwestern U.S. and pass herds of cattle and horses each day to work. I love calling to them and saying, "Have a nice day! I'm not eating you today!!" :) Unfortunately, in my town 13,000 pigs are slaughtered each day. I try not to think about it, though my husband still imbibes pork.

Anonymous said...

My hubby and I gave up Mutton and Beef some 4 years ago due to a certain vow we made and not one but many wonderful miracles being bestowed upon us. One of them is our most precious son (4yr) who was born a premie at near 31 weeks gestation @ 1kg++. I had a complicated pregnancy with fibroids, bleeding, placenta previa, amniotic band syndrom and being hi-risk due conceiving above 36yrs! Both me and hubby was dianosed with fertility problems and our chances was like 98% negative!

Yes Donald, I am a true believer in miracles. I had experienced many miracles and that's why I stand firm until today believing Salvation will be found and rescued. And I pray for GOD to make it happen. I know he will!

We should not make The ALMIGHTY angry especially with Killings and Cruelties!! Yes, nothing can overcome the power of Mother Nature. And you are right about her moving her toes at Acheh! China is another culprit where these people eat anything under the sun, and with such cruelty when conducting the killing process too.. it really hurts knowing :-(

Then there is this Hanzhong City Dog Cull!!! Oh my heart just bleeds seeing those very disturbing photos! I just hate these barbarians!

And Seal Killing!! Whale Killing!! The Cat in a Bottle thing in Japan!! All these damn killings and torturing are for $$ and FUN/SPORTS!! Why are humans sooooooo CRUEL??

Oh one BIG PUZZLE for me here...Donald how can we differenciate seafood from PKtm?
As I do my marketing from Carrefour, I really can't tell! If its not appropriate to write here, your email are welcome!

Mrs Tham

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Mrs. Tham,
Thanks. Will email you
Donald G.H Tan