Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Zeiss Spotting Scope.

Awesome Test!

Had an opportunity to test my AVCHD Panasonic TM-300 Full HD 1920x1080 camcorder to an awesome Carl Zeiss Victory Diascope 85 'T' FL Spotting Scope together with the Quick Camera Adapter.
A 30x eyepiece fitted nicely onto the camcorder lens. Thanks to Jason Tan of Trifid Optics.

Due to the complexity of full HD ratio of 16:9, a larger optical adaptor is required to rid of its
side vignetting, which is very common to optics designed for the usual 4:3 ratio.


hew said...

Wahhhhh LaN!!! this is an awesome awesome set up woh!!!

well done donald!!! i cannot wait to see what you shoot with that!!
Dang!! you can shoot anything and then begin to count hairs!!!

whatcha waiting for?? go shoot some birds, some cops, and some politicians!!! heheheheh!!
thanks hew

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Hew,
Thnx for comment. Coming!Coming!
HD edit too slow mah!

Anonymous said...

I found yr blog when I search for spotting scope (digiscope) dealer in malaysia.I interested to own digiscope fitted with camera for taking bird picture.Can ur tell where the shop around Selangor.Pls write in ur blog.Tq-Zek,SAlam.

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Zek,
When I first started, I too, were lost while trying to buy a scope for digiscoping in Malaysia.
Even Swarovski's web page do not know where Malaysia is!!!!!
They know where Malawi (I guess it is somewhere in ........Africa!) but not Malaysia! Sigh.
Try finding a shop even in the 'Biggest' and the 'Latest' Hypermall! None! Nada!
The only time (once a year!)was at the bird race in Bukit Frasers last week but then, hujan came, kambing lari!
All exhibitors dissapeared!
So how to see? and Buy?
Try contacting Trifid's Jason Tan.
He is very helpful and knowledgeable about birding too.
His link is on my posting.
Hope that helps.