Thursday, June 4, 2009

Craps,Grab and Crabs!

So How Now?
Now that Kunning is back with the owner, supposedly one or two or even three dogs are found, so what's next? The important fact is that more than 400 domesticated pets were killed by this action and someone must be hauled up and punished.

Only less than 10% of the dogs were saved and half of those saved may not make it. Have we really achieved anything great?

There were elements of law breaking kidnap, drama of the finest kind even with accusation
of murder, death threats and politics, so what's next?

This 'ORG' is supposedly, the only organisation here in Malaysia was set to prevent Cruelty to animals and to PROTECT all living animals in the laws which is enshrined in our Malaysian Constitution. We would expect that they, the beneficiary of many Corporation's donations, do just that. But did they?
The recent action of City Hall's infamous killing of dogs by yanking their throats with so much cruelty were even shown on national TV. They denied it but if my eyes fooled me, I would have thought that dead dogs don't move! In fact 'dead' anything doesn't move!
By the way, these strays were already in their confines and pens. Do they have to be treated in this inhumane way? Come on, we are humans. We posses a thinking brain which is supposed to be smarter than animals. But are we? Animals do not kill each other just to rob them. Humans do.
I may now be thinking that maybe, just maybe, that spaying and neutering 'idiotic' humans may be the right thing to do. We are breeding faster than flies!
Yesterdays newspaper's report that now we have problems with elephants and monkeys. There are already talks of them being a 'nuisance' and may have to spay and neuter them. Just think.
It is we humans that encroaches into their territories and now we call 'them' a problem!
Just where do these animals go if we keep clearing land just to accomodate those "do-not-want-to-go-back-home" foreign labourers especially illegals?

Ok, so Kuning is back. He can only do that much. For nine days after he was 'grabbed mistakenly' more dogs died in Hell's Island. How much dogs are still alive? Your guess is as good as mine. This 'Mystery' should not have happened. Did this ORG did the grab?
So why all the hoo-haa about attempted murder, raid, threats, sandiwara, drama-minggu-ini?
Living with 14 cats and dogs in a cabin is definitely not hygenic and talk about working with an outfit saving animals is very poor PR! Ever hear about Leptosporasis? Distemper?Parvovirus?Rabbies? (...spelling unchecked!...)Tak Malu!

The Malay word for that is ketam.
Pulau Ketam or crab island used to be a sleepy idlylic fishing village. Now it is a cursed place. The Village of the Damned". Their stupid action caused the death of more than 400 pet dogs.
This un-educated move to chuck away the poor strays into Pulau Selat Kering and Pulau Pintu Gedung miles away from their homes are NOT actual islands. Just because it is called 'pulau' it is a tidal swamp which meant 'Sure Death' even for the thoughest human.
These cluster of salt water swamps are breeding grounds for vast numbers of marine life such as fishes, muddy crabs, clams, cockles, mangrove snails and prawns. thus sprouting numbers of kelongs (aquatic fish farms). This is the main income of this village.
Let us teach them a lesson that there are rules and laws to follow. No one is above the law. The public is very pissed off. It was understood that they still defend their right to do what they did. Paws pointing is now an 'in' thing. The next was 'oops!'
I will BOYCOT going to the island for visits. I will NOT buy, eat, promote whatever produce that come from that village. I now plea to all dogs and animal lovers to join me in this boycot. Stop buying and consuming products from Pulau Ketam such as seafood like this which is served in Seafood and Steamboat restaurants:-

Razor Clams/(Choke Than /Teik Than/Siput Buluh)

Cockles/(See Hum/Kerang) Clams/(LaLa)
Mangrove Snails/(Balitung/Lor/ChutChut)
Live fishes are usually all of the same sizes and weight, are cultured, kept alive and displayed in salt water tanks at all seafood restaurants in and around Klang valley.

The common ones are:-

Red Snappers/(Ang Choe/Hoong Choe/Ikan Merah)

Groupers/(Sack Pan/Kerapu)
Pompano/(Golden Pomfret/Kum Chong/Bawal Emas)
Barramundi/Sea Perch/(Siakap)

Of course, not forgetting their famous Pulau Ketam Fish Balls!
...and their famous Fish Crackers/(Kerupuk/Har Paeng/Hae Piah)
...and most importantly, the Prawns.......
....and da CRABS!
Just imagine this....all the seafood ate up the dead bodies of our beloved defenseless Swamp Dogs who died a horrible death even without being given a fighting chance to stay alive.

JUST LOOK AT THIS FOR THE LAST TIME! May they rest in Peace especially you, 'dear Salvation.......'

Malaysia Boleh!

(Pictures courtesy of TV Smith and Google images)


Kim Gorman said...

Donald, I love your passion. We can always count on you for an honest viewpoint, full of emotion and caring. We are still praying for the rescuers and the animals, especially the poor sick ones. We have come to love them through you and Pam and Sabrina. Thank you for your diligent postings and the time and energy spent.

Janz said...

Dear Donald,

Im in wiz u.... Fully support u guys without any doubt or 2nt thought...

Froggie said...

you can count me in on the boycott of pulau ketam goods!! I am so thankful to you and everybody on the team who has worked so hard to rescue those that you could - even knowing some wouldn't make it, through the drama - as you say. There is a special place in heaven for you guys, I really believe that! keep fighting the good fight donald, the rewards are there!

Nikki, the Pug said...

You making me cry.... for Salvation especially

Eveline said...

Animals are lucky to have people like you to care and fight for them. Some humans are really cruel and heartless towards animals. I sometimes wonder if GOD really exist. If so, why all the suffering?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Tan,
i am always in awe with your zest for life- your pets, & now the rescue mission.

As much as i am following this p.ketam news from the beginning, sadly even the closest people around me, like my boyfriend, just couldn't be bothered when i said he could offered his share for my donation to FFF. My sisters- yeah compassionate, have sympathy, but then forget about it a day later.

I feel so helpless when i am around them. Since i am a student, the most i can give up is some part time money & i am so trifty on myself even to go for a haircut.

But always after reading your blog,i can regain some confidence that we can make a difference, even if a small one.

And after so many challenges you & team faced, you guys are still fighting for all our furry friends. What you guys are doing, is unbelievable.

Thank you Uncle Tan for being such an inspiration to us!


Dr. Gorman said...

Eveline, even strong Christians can doubt God when there is such senseless cruelty and suffering. I think it will be the first question I ask of the Almighty if I get the chance in heaven. I have to remember that we are all sinners in some way, if just in our thoughts, and that mankind goes through suffering to remind us of our inherent fallen nature and of how much we need Him. I hope that helps, truly. Trust me, I've wondered aloud and in prayer the same thing.

Eveline said...

Thank you Dr. Gorman for your comment. It helps to know that I am not alone in my thoughts.
I also agree to what Tara said. Even there are a few people close to me sharing my passion for animals, most are indifferent to their plights!

Anonymous said...

For the boycott of the seafood, try putting up an awareness about this case in one of the community forum eg Petaling Jaya Forum, Puchong Forum,...etc
I myself had put up a thread at the Subang Jaya Forum, following and updating Pam's, Donald's & TV's news daily and due to that had nearly 1,000 hits already...I believe there are still people who doesn't know the depth and magnitude about this case, some only read about it in newspaper and then that's it, it's just another piece of news. But by putting a thread in the community forum can help to create more wareness. Well maybe you guys can do it too...Well Tara, you can do it and it doesn't cost money... when you see people coming in reading them daily, you will feel good becoz you help in creating more awareness and let people know besides the ORG there's FFF and people now can have more options to help the poor abused animals!

Jolee said...

If there's enough shout about something, if there's enough rah-rah,if there's enough people giving something attention, then therest will become curious and follow the crowd...

Remember, we are surrounded mostly by sheep(followers), some shepherds (leaders), some sheep dogs (supporters/assistants), some land owners (silent rule makers), and 1 God (the final decision maker).But most people are sheep.

So if you want more sheep, move faster, a certain direction, gather more shepherds and sheep dogs around you...

Magic will happen, and mountains will move. Believing is seeing

Remee said...

Hi Donald,
Pam said that HOPE is Salvation. Do u think HOPE is Salvation? From the pic I feel that Salvation is more Shih Tzu look than Terrier.

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Remee,

Yes, my wife and I felt that the dog whom we called Salvation is Salvation.
Hope is Hope. We met Hope at FFF.
Hope is definetly NOT Salvation.

We have a Shih Tzu. 3 Generations of them in 18 years. We are not new to dogs.I was a leading importer of Pedegreed Dogs way back in the 80s and was a member of MKA and CAWA (Canine Association of Western Australia) and are personal friends to 20 veteran pedegree breeders (Not puppy mills, mind you) in Canning Vale, Perth. I know dogs in and out.From Neapolitan Mastiffs to Chinese Crested. Almost all of our imports have been awarded Championships by MKA. I have also been involved in training and pre-judging.

You would have to have a Shih Tzu to tell the difference. A Terrier is a terrier but then Salvation is a mixed. Most probably a mix with a terrier. But then again judging from the photo and base on the fact comparing the other dog's height, face feature, position.....well?

But still anyone can say anything.
Let it be.

Salvation IS dead. Small dogs like these especially long coats dies easily in a swamp like Hell's Island.

Salvation is in Peace. We already prayed for him/her.

Thanks Remee, for feeling like what we did.

Cheers and Regards
Donald G. H Tan

Anonymous said...

We need to highlighted it more and more about this City hall's killing the poor animals. Let's put more pressure on this idiots! I cry for these animals who died tragically and painfully. I cried for SALVATION!!

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Anon.
Well said. Ya, we tried.
It was just like barking up at the wrong tree!
Malaysia Boleh!

Anonymous said...

Dear Donald,kindly tell us is Hope really Salvation. Rescue aside methink there is a problem here when one cannot even ID a dog even they are Mutts. How can Pummkin says that Hope is Salvation? Is she a dog person? Does she owns the FFF? Is she Sabrana's boss?
If it is then, methink there is an element of bullshit here.
Another thing, Pummin talks about it takes so much cash to feed a dog and maintaining a dog is so costly, then how many can afford to adopt one? You see the point here? So how can Sabrana let her talk on behalf of the farm? That is pure rubbish and is Pummkin a kid? I say Hope is not Salvation is Salvation Dead? Did Sabrana put Salvation to sleep?
I am begining to doubt whether the FFF can handle all the dogs as many rescued are too sick and down with deadly disease like distemper.
Here in Perth, we would put all of them down. For humane reason sake.
Leonard Dan-Perth, WA

Anonymous said...

Don, Is the FFF farm really a farm like you saw here at Canning Vale?
Are the dogs healthy and happy? I can't seem to be able to get any response from Sabrina. I commented at Pummkin's.How is your boy? We miss him too.Glad to hear he won many ribbons.Heard from Ton you have moved too. Glad you helped in the rescue. Please send our love to Lucy too.
Sylvia Mercanto, Canning Vale, WA

Birds Talking Too said...

Hi Leonard,
Nice to hear from you. Ton told me on the phone you are doing great.
Ton was here early April. He didn't like Langkawi very much.
About the swamp dogs, the Rescue effort is by Sabrina's FFF Furry Friend's Farm. TV Smith and I were the first on the scene at Pulau Ketam. Sabrina was from the SPCA and is a lovely person very passionate about saving the lives of dogs. She cannot accept reasons to put any dogs down as compared to where she was working before.
That is the main reason why many supported her and not SPCA.
NO, Me and Lucy honestly thinks that Hope is Hope and Salvation is Salvation. We do not care if Pummkin says whatever as she do not own FFF. I do not think she knows pedigree that well. No Sabrina owns FFF but strangely she does not blog.
Yes that was silly of her to say that owning and feeding a dog costs so much thus many are not taking dogs home but only to pay for their keep there.
No Sabrina did not put Salvation to sleep because we did not rescue Salvation. We already prayed for her.
I won't comment more about Pummkin as I do not want to waste my time. She should have spend her time doing more than talking.
Yes, truly, SALVATION maybe their their only HOPE!
I do not represent FFF too, therefore I will let Sabrina say more. Btw. go to the FFF OFFICIAL site at the lower right logo at my blog.The other usual site do not represent FFF.
That's for now. Send Renee our hugs and the kids.
Regards and Cheers
Donald G.H Tan

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Sylvia,
How are you? Thanks for the comment. At the FFF farm, the dogs are really happy playing around. I am not sure they are 100% healthy medically. The rescued dogs are being treated at the Vet.
No, they are not like those at Canning Vale because FFF is still undergoing renovations. Please go to their site to see their video clips of the farm and the dogs. This is their OFFICIAL site now.
The other sites are now 'Not' the official site (including mine!)
Oh, our boy has gone. We got his girl now. Xiao Mei is six years old and she looks like his dad. No, we did not take part in shows nowadays. Yes, we moved to Klang. It is the same distance from Armadale to Fremantle, a port too.
Heard from Ton that Bob is with the RSPCA, WA and is in Penang for a holiday? Great, will email you my mobile number. We can meet up when he come to KL.
Donald G.H Tan