Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another life saved !

Sweet Serene!

She was all alone, she was calm and quiet. She was friendly.
Despite of what she went through on Hell's Island, she looks very forgiving. She is blessed.
That was how we describe her after meeting her at the Port. She was the latest one saved.

That was at 4.15pm this afternoon, just four hours ago.
Thanks to Adrian and his friends who rushed from Furry Friends Farm in Kundang to Port Klang in record time to safely take her back there for proper care and love. This time around, I really saw some 'macho' guys at work!

Thanks Adrain! Your girl is now named ...."Serene Adrianne". What a sweet name.


Anonymous said...

See..., that's why they called it Man's Best Friend. Try putting Mr Cha or Tee there for 3 days!...I think when they get to return, they'll kill your whole family!

Poor Doggies....I pray for the still living ones to be saved and will be owned by good families and to those dead ones, may they all be in the light of Kuan Yin.

Nikki, the Pug said...

Been following up on the rescue mission. Very very amazed by you guys and gals commitment and sacrifice. Was just wondering about how is Grace doing with the wound, and here I got the updates. Thank you very much. To Pummkin and all the girls; you are so so brave

Eveline said...

Just want to say thank you to all you volunteers for doing such an excellent job. Please take care of yourselves though.

Dr. Gorman said...

TV and everyone, I'm sick about the evil people trying to shut down Sabrina's operation. What can I do to help? Is there someone I can write?

Anonymous said...

hi i am the anonymous who sent in my comment on 18/5/09 @ 12:58am and this time I am putting in my name! Oh I am so so so mad about this EVIL MITEs posted on TV's blog! Don't they have important rescue work to do rather than going all out to try put down FFF..! What kind of person/society that we had all these years placed our trust in to save all these abused and hapless dogs and cats and animals!!!???
Is it really near judgement day that truth are being revealed? Are they so scare that monetary funds coming into their accounts all this while will drop drastically due to people feeling more at ease contributing to another?
Oh, isn't this very selfish! Can't you bear seeing better jobs carried out by others? Can't anyone else get some credit? Well, don't forget Malaysians are pretty united lately...OH yeah!! Why not sign a PETITION to change S*CA MANAGEMENT, since the ones now are full of TALK & PUBLICITY, LIKES TO PINPOINT, WONDERFUL AT TARNISHING, GOOD AT COVER-UPS,...
Oh STOP being so selfish! U do your part, while others do theirs. You don't step on us, we will not stampede on YOU! For heaven's sake if this PKetam job is really so bad and you cannot tahan, GO SEE SOME ELEPHANTs!
OMG am I really Pist Off! oh dear Kuan Yin, please give me wisdom and strength to stay calm!
And TO ALL GODs, PLS BLESS FFF and its founder and all those who volunteer and all its supporter. LET GOOD TRIUMPH OVER EVIL!

Mrs Tham