Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another One Saved!


At 3pm. today, my wife and I, rushed to Port Kelang with nine cages (bought the entire shop's stocks!) and met up with Sabrina, Shoba and TV Smith at the jetty to hop on the specially hired speedboat.
Arrived at the fish farm (Kelong) and waited for the dogs to show up at the fringes of the mangrove swamp. It was high tide and we could only hear barks and howls. There are still many being trapped and awaiting rescue. It is extremely difficult to go into the thick growth of the mangrove trees. We could not easily see any but only after 2 hours, (when the tide receded), a few came out but went back in, instead.
Then, we were happy to see two dogs swimming towards us. What a joy! But one turned back towards the swamp. We kept calling.

Grace, which I was given the opportunity to name, struggled on the fish net with what ever strength she had left. She climbed on the platform. She was saved.

She was given fresh water immediately and drank like crazy. She ate too.
She is now waiting for her pal to join her. But none came.
As it was getting late, we had no choice but to take her back first.
Shoba and Sabrina holding on to the cage with Grace. The Yamaha 200HP motor IS fast!

We arrived the jetty at Port Klang at 19:30 hrs.

Grace is safe with us at our home in Klang. Will be visiting the Vet in the morning.
Shot many HD Videos scenes especially on her. Will be putting them up as soon as I have finished editing.
It was really an exciting experience joining Sabrina, Shova and TV Smith for this trip. I sincerely wish some more volunteers comes forward especially from Klang/Port Klang area to help us out this weekend. Pls go to Furry Friends Farm to get details.

Do drop by TV Smith's latest Updates.

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