Sunday, May 17, 2009

Goliath vs David?


Being involved in the Swamp Dogs rescue, I really know how tiring, frustrating and sadness is all about. Indeed, the ones who suffered most (and died) are the poor domesticated canines being dumped in Hell Islands by people from Pulau Ketam who are all un-educated about such actions.

Read some e-mails recently via blogs and got very bothered about a gigantic 'ORG' saying this and that, claiming this and that, spewing half baked truth about the whole affair. Why is such an organisation nit-[kutu]-picking on those smaller rescue groups who have very limited funds and people but very determined to save every survivors from such cruel and painful death?

The meaning of "PREVENTION" is very clearly explained in many dictionaries and so is the word "RESCUE". So what is going on here? Did I hear (hic! right that the folks at Pulau Ketam were already in dialog with MPK about the problems with strays since last year. The shocking thing is that this "ORG" has also known about this fact.

Then whadda f*** this "ORG" did NOTHING to take the lead to PREVENT CRUELTY on such animal until it was done? This "ORG" were the ones photographing and distributing the 'cannibalistic' pictures of the suffering dogs which were viewed world-wide and eventually wanted to put them all down? Maybe to conveniently hide the fact that they failed in their mission to PREVENT and mercifully help these strays in the first place.

Come on "ORG" stop talking rubbish and act. Prevent future sufferings by looking further into the protection of 400 to 400,000 stray dogs still alive in the entire country of Malaysia. Use your well funded money and people to educate our citizens about stray dogs and cats. After all, you are an outfit to prevent cruelty to animals right? FFF (Furry Friends Farms) and other private rescue clubs have the right to exists. Private furry animals lovers like us can decide who to donate to, as they wish.

Stop picking on people like Sabrina, TV Smith, Connie, Pamela, Lucy, Daniel, Pat, Joanne, Shoba, Karin, Adrian, BooBoo, ParPar, NgiapNgiap, DingDong, blah blah..............Get real! Your recent report and statement sucks big time!

No wonder, other associations like yours (which are historically handed down by the founding colonial fathers) like interests in automobiles, kennels, wildlife, sports fishing,......are fast loosing followers!

Go figure!

PSsssT!!!!!!! .........I just heard that some villagers are taking action on some stray elephants in the deeps of Trenggannu. They are planning to dump 400 of them on some island inside Kenyir Dam to fend for themselves! Quick go PREVENT such action otherwise, rescuing each elephant is going to be a mammoth task! (hic!) Elephants have no furs so Sabrina and FFF (Furry Friend Farm) would not be involved here (not that she doesn't want to). You dealing in all animals right? Quick go save some elephants' arses!
Or would that also be wrong? Perhilitan perhaps? See?

Also, what was the idea in suggesting that us, with no funds whatever, participate in Neutering, Spaying and Educating the public on pets as compared with your esteemed set up? You Nuts or something? I sincerely wish that those supporting you think carefully.


Anonymous said... ask them to go see Elephants....I hope they don't get stepped on or else there'll be more SHIT coming out of them.
Then poor Sabrina, will she be targetted again to clean up their SHIT? (sorry for my language, I just can't help it. Can't think of anything to describe them yet)

J said...

Good one!

Anonymous said...

Its me anonymous (up there) Mrs Tham...
Have you all seen TV's blog today regarding EVIL MITE?
well, birds talking, Pam and TV, since your blogs are kinda HOT these days, why not start a petition for all of us to SIGN to support FFF...and its mission. do not let any Mites/Wolf in Sheepskin come close to shutting down FFF. We need more like Sabrinas than those who like to backbite.
We Malaysians have H1N1, Meningitis, Denggi to tackle with and we do not want EXTRA SHIT!
Mrs Tham

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Mrs Tham,
Read all your comments here and on TV's. Thank you so much for your support. Also dear 'J' thanks!
Yup, we will not give up. We are more aware thanks to the internet and twitter. "....Boy! just you wait...ORG! You will be stepping on more shit....."
FFF, Sabrina, TV and Birds Talking Too are close friends.

Donald G.H.Tan

Adrian & Team said...

Birds Talking Too,

TV, Sabrina, Pam, You n US are good friends! if there is any who wanna destroy the alliance here, I would be the first to defend from all sorts of attack..... im really touched by what u and other have done, we here will keep on supporting no matter whats happens!! my swear n my pledge from the team that we will forever be in one large family.

Anonymous said...

Donald, was that Dr Lian treating Grace in your Saving Grace Pt2 footage? The tall, slim, sweet and pretty doctor Lian? I think I may have recognise her voice. She was my Happy's vet while I was staying in Taman Mutiara. And she's the best vet I had come across so far. She really have her dogs diagnose and one of those who doesn't do it with an orange stick. You can see she took up the profession due to her passion with animals and not those for the sake of $$ type. I do not mean to tarnish other vets here, ofcourse there are many good vets like her around.
Mrs Tham

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Mrs Tham,
Yup she is the one. Our Xiao mei's doctor.
She is a very caring person and we are very happy to have us as our Vet.

Cheers and Regards,
Donald G. H Tan

Birds Talking Too said...

I meant " have her as our Vet...." Sorry!

Khim said...

Hi Donald, I was just reading your blog and I was wondering if would be able to let me know where Dr Lian's clinic is as I am looking for a good vet for my dog. My email address is

I think that everything that has happened is really terrible that is why we need people like you, Sabrina and the rest of the team! Keep up the great work!

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Khim,

Her Clinic is at Klang Utara, Jalan Meru. The name is tricky because the word 'Sentosa' is usually known to be a popular location in Klang South. If you know where Klang Parade, Pasar Besar and Klang Telecoms are, then you are nearby.

255G, Jalan Sentosa 41, Taman Bunga Melor, Jalan Meru,
41050 Klang
Tel. 603-3345-1828

Donald G.H. Tan
Birds Talking Too

Khim said...

Thank you so much Donald!