Thursday, May 21, 2009

So Sorry My Sweetheart!

I Honesty Tried but I Failed!
I really Couldn't Save You.
I will not forgive myself.

At the earlier stage of the rescue, TV Smith took many snapshots of so many dogs trapped on the Hell's Island. After enlarging one particular picture, I noticed a sad and a pitiful faced, toy breed, a mixed of Shih Tzu and a Maltese.
As there are many larger and more powerful ones around and they are always fighting for food, the character of such small breed usually stay shy, clear and friendly.
Also being a long coated dog, missing a day's grooming gives one a headache. So, just how can a toy breed survives such harsh and terrible environment? It was a sure Death!
The image of such a sad face, also shows helplessness. But Death was certain.
She must have died a horrible death and her body, torn to shreds to be eaten by her starving friends. No choice. The folks at Pulau Ketam and our elected Officials wanted it this way.Money is all they cared for.

From my heart, I cried for days! I really wanted to save her because she looks like my Shih Tzu girl called Xiao Mei. I will call you "Salvation", a name deeply embedded in my heart hoping there are still some left in this island.I am sad. Still sad and are mad as hell too. Hell enough to boycot Pulau Ketam for the rest of my life.
After all I am only human.


Dr. Kim Gorman said...

Oh my. Do you know for certain the little dog has died? Perhaps she/he is still hiding? And to the left is a Jack Russell terrier breed, my favorite. Please keep up your strength and keep up the fight. We are praying for you!

Kim Gorman

Janz said...

OMG!!! I,myself is a crazy dogs lover... Hope those human whose had put those lil poor fellows to the Hell Island die in a horrible way... Dun lost hope... the shih tzu 'salvation' might still be waiting for u guys to save her/him... I have 2 shih tzus as well... my older shih tzu juz passed away recently.. He is 11 yrs old with bladder and kidney stones.. But he's very tough boy who went thru twice opts.... Im keeping my finger cross tht 'salvation' is still alive..

Nikki, the Pug said...

I thought Salvation was saved. Ya, Dr Kim Gorman may be right. She/he may still be in there somewhere. Please, please..... be alright till you are rescued. My mistress is planning to get me a companion. I shall ask for you. Am sure my mistress would love to have you. She noticed Salvation from the very beginning of the rescue mission. She's been keeping tab on the mission. Keeping my figures er.. paws crossed.

Love from Nikki, the Pug

Anonymous said...

Pleeeaaasssseee be alive Salvation!
PLease come to the rescuers as Grace did...we know you are small but I believe in miracles at times like this....and I believe in CILI PADI too!!

Praying for you,
Mrs Tham

Ashley W said...

trying my best not to tear up and cried in the office.

Let's hope that not only Salvation is alive but so are others of toy dog breed that's been left there.

regardless of whether they did it out of sheer ignorance or otherwise, i think a ban should be put on pulau ketam folks (especially those who participated in this hellish action) from owning any companion animals.

i have seen the dogs rescued at FFF -many of them have terrier genes, some reminded me of a grey hound - obviously all mixed pedigree backgrounds - this means one thing - the pulau ketam folks are not as "poor" as they seemed - they bought the pedigree dogs and just convenient neglected to care properly for them including neutering, etc, and just conveniently forgot to ensure responsibility as pet owner - to them the dogs must have been some sort of object relfective of status symbol and once they're tired of it, to be disposed off like yesterday's garbage!

i keep tellimg myself, just channel all your outrage in determination to do all your best for these doggies - there will be time for questions and retribution later..of that i'm sure.

i hope all well-wishers and supporters of the dogs are doing likewise - channelling outrage into positive thought, positive energy and action for the dogs, for their sake.

Anonymous said...

Dear Janz,
I myself is extremely mad and so dissappointed to know about what these cruel cruel people had done...but obviously if the authority don't set a good example, some not so educated and simple rural villagers may just follow suit moreover it's a funded programe by the municipal, who can say they are wrong? Maybe not thoroughly explain to what the real CATCH & RELEASE meant?

Did any of you try to calm down and think for a minute, "If this inhumane act went through and no one besdies the villagers know about it, WHO GETS THE CREDIT? And now when news leaked out and became an international outcry, WHO MOSTLY GETS THE BLAME?

There is injustice here and GOD intervene this time!!! An Angel is sent! with many may Angels from all walks of life following behind.
So best now is to pray for the rescuers' safety and to a smooth sailing rescue job, pray for those doggies still alive to each be rescued out asap into good hands and good homes, pray for FFF and Sabrina to be strong and succeed in their very humane mission, pray for the villagers to realise the wrong they had done and to be remorse...pray to a more humane community/society...and pray for LESS troublemakers.
Mrs Tham

Khen Lim & Marianne Loh said...

it is really sad, i know your feeling and im dogs lover also.

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear all,
Many thanks for the encouragement and support. I still have some hope left. This morning, we all launched another offensive to search harder. We were at the Port and all of our Angels loaded another kayak onto our boat to be at our rescue base in Pulau Ketam.. Sabrina of FFF gave us added comfort and strength.
Please see TV Smith's update on the All Girls Rescue Team!
Go! Girls Go! Dearest Angels!

Anonymous said...



Tee said...

Hello there.

Keep up the good work! We think this cruel abandonement is really inhumane.


Brandy said...

And I curse the owner who got this little dog as a cute pet and when the novelty is over, let it run stray. Not taking proper care of it and let it be caught and deported.

Anonymous said...

Well, little Salvation, please show yourself and run to the rescuers. I still am keeping my hopes high for you even though you are such a pampered breed. Please Salvation, please be alive and unharmed and come out to us. I hope Donald can take you and am sure you'll be so happy with him...coz I've visited Xiao Mei's blog it really tickles to see how she enjoyed her days with her daddy and mommy! An durians too! My Happy loves durian too and when we got some home, we used to hide them in the car booth and pretend to just walk in without anything. Happy would scan the booth like a SHARK and barked and growl until she sinks her teeth into one...I mean the flesh ofcoz. But Donald, I checked with Dr Lian before and she doesn't encourage dogs to eat durian because they are most likely to get a certain poisoning from the fruit...forgotten the name you can ask her though. I believe Salvation would love a bite at Durians too!
So together we pray for Salvation coz I know GOD is all love especially to Salvation.
Mrs Tham

thefluffies said...

Donald, we will keep praying "salvation' will be found soon...

Just keep 'Salvation' and her other friends in our mind. Pray hard. Hope the angels (rescuers) will find and save them soon.

thefluffies said...

Donald, we will keep praying "salvation' will be found soon...

Just keep 'Salvation' and her other friends in our mind. Pray hard. Hope the angels (rescuers) will find and save them soon.

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Fluffies, Mrs Tham, Anon, Tee & Brandy including the rest,

Thanks for such lovely support. Time IS really running out. We are still there and trying. It is very tiring both physically and mentally. The barks and howls are getting less and are also faint. We are not giving up easily but the odds are really stacked against us. Until today, NONE of those super authorities who are equipt with high tech stuff came forward! Just compare withe the "Animal Police and Rescues" in the more advanced countries!
Wasn't this state of Selangor is called a fully developed state?
DaBull Talk Only.!

I will blog a mouthfull in seven days. Just watch this Blog.

Thanks again for your care and support.
Donald G.H. Tan
Birds Talking Too

Anonymous said...

Oh Donald, even though not being able to participate directly with the rescue tewm, I do feel your stress, tiredness, sadness, dissapiontment, danger as well as so heartsick especially when the howls and barks are so faint now!
It means most of them furry friends are leaving us.. I cried for them and for the ordeal they have to go thru before GOING OFF. Its just not suppose to happen in a country claim to be civilized..
Please do not give up the mission yet. I still believe in miracles. Never give up till the end. We fight together!
We all will stand behind you all the way!
Mrs Tham

Anonymous said...

I am distraught and my heart are torn in pieces lookinga at Salvation. Is she really gone, are you sure about she has been brutally eaten by her hungry paw friends? OMG, cant express my anguish and helpless and mad as hell toward the people who does this to these poor souls! One thing for sure, PULAU KETAM IS IN MY BLACKLIST AND MY WORDS WILL SPREADS LOCALLY AND OVERSEAS, lets the WORLD witness this cruel acts!! Please keep us updated, Salvation image will stay with me a long time... Im praying hard for the safe rescue of all the dogs. God bless them and You.