Friday, May 8, 2009

If the report is True, Then.......

F*** you COUNCILLORS!!!!!

Lost my cool a minute ago after reading "the catch and release" of dogs to Hell Island was fully & officially authorised by the councillors and MPK (Majlis Perbandaran Klang)!!!The Malaysian Insider reported.

Just what kind of Humane Act is this? Does any Civilised Country in this World
condone such activity? Gawd! Please help us!

As a taxpayer, and also as law biding citizens, my wife and I are truly aghast and protests such barbaric and an uneducated action. Now, did we remember that a former VVIP wanted Klang to be a fully developed CITY sometime last year? Such F*** talking.
He and his inefficient team should be caged, and transported to this hell island instead. Just imagine that while we are all spending our own money and time to rescue the dogs, they, at this very moment are stirring in their air-conditioned bedroom scratching their B*LLS ,sleeping.
Travel first class anywhere and still spewing shit from their god**ed ass*holes!!!
F*** You Councillors!
F*** you MPK!!!!
And I suggest we go less to Pulau Ketam.

Boy! I gotta rest......already short of sleep! Come on fellow Klangites, please say something!

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for saving the animals. I'll support putting in some money in the FFF account.

Now let me rant ... F##K those MPK bastards !!

- MummRa -