Sunday, May 24, 2009

She's Wonderful!


Visited FFF (Furry Friends Farm) at Kundang this afternoon. All dogs saved from Hell's Island are doing well and are safe. They are still alive. (FFF is a No-Kill Zone).

We were so happy and delighted that Grace, the dog whom we personally help in the rescue has recovered and her wound (which were full of maggots) has healed! That was the best news we have ever gotten. She was so playful and energetic that trying to take a photo was difficult!
She was running around with all her pals and new found friends. She really enjoyed her freedom and many visitors were proud to see how much work Sabrina has done. What else proof anyone can need?
In a couple of weeks, and when she is more settled, we have planned to neuter her. It is also in our programme that neutering is the only way to go so that we can have less strays and less suffering.


Anonymous said...

Can feel your happiness!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Great! :)