Sunday, May 31, 2009

Coming Back!

Trying Again!

After a lengthy meeting until late last night with the entire Rescue Team of FFF, and also with some very encouraging news and developments, I am coming to join back in the rescue of the Swamp Dogs in Hell's Island.
My wife will be helping Sabrina's FFF while I go to the Kelong.

Will keep all of you posted on a daily basis.

So happy with the new 'development' and the 'Extra' support!


Kim Gorman said...

Donald and wife, we will not give up our support either. I ask everyone reading this to please send funds to FFF as soon as you can. They have ongoing rescue needs as well as upkeep and rehabilitation, advertising and medical care for the rescued and other stray dogs.

Dr. Kim

Anonymous said...

YEAH! That's it Donald! PUT BACK THE SPIRIT! We are all support and love and prayers to you and wife, Pam, TV, all who's involved and to all the dogs saved and still on the Island!
Be safe, Be Happy and Be Succeful in this Mission! We all love ya!
Mrs Tham

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Kim and Mrs Tham,
Thanks for your comments.
Now Grace is sick, it may be bad but I now believe that it is going to make us stronger and determined to do more.

Donald G.H Tan

andromedia said...

Mr Donald... look on the bright side... Grace might be sick, but with her will to live and our moral support, she will make through it...

And the best of all, Kuning will be back in mission soon... I am sure you knew what I mean... :)

Good luck team! I'll carry on my work at FFF itself while waiting for you all to bring in more dogs... I think that's call team-work... :)

Anonymous said...

Good to know that none of you are giving up. My prayer goes to all of u who are involved!! plus the furry kids!!

Will continue our contributions to FFF, cash or kind!!

Hong Yee