Saturday, May 9, 2009

Flesh Eating Maggots!


Yesterday was a traumatizing day for us as part of the rescue team that are trying to save as many dogs as possible from Pulau Ketam (Hell Island).
The day before, I personally witnessed what happened at the Kelong as Grace swam towards us.
She spent the night in our home in Klang and was attended by our Veterinarian the very next morning.
A medical check up was done and maggots was removed from Grace's wound. It was a scene we would never forget. These are flesh eating maggots!!!
Is this the way MPK and its councillors wanted these dogs to die a painful and a 'horribly slow' death? Did the people of Pulau Ketam enjoyed the RM90.00 per dog paid to them by taxpayers' money? Just what did they do with the money? A new LCD TV? More Yam Sengs? China Dolls?
One can just curse those who are involved! It looks like these people have no compassion.
Just look at the suffering those dogs go through.

"....Dear councillors, if you have the guts, just watch this video. This surgery procedure was done on Grace. The dog you paid to die a slow death. Especially with our hard earned money!...."

I also wish that those who are involved be caged up and sent to this hell hole and die the same way! Now I understand why wars are waged over religious, political and traditional beliefs.
We really should find ways to live and exist together. Today is Wesak Day.

WARNING!: Dear reader, please do not view this video if you are squirmish. It contains scenes which could affect your whole day! But if you care, please encourage others to see this and also help in stopping such an idiotic action.

Please click below (the title) to see the latest (re-edited) video:-

SAVING GRACE Pt2 ..."The Surgery Video" in AVCHD by Donald G.H Tan

We wish to thank Dr. Lian for all her work, kindness and encouragement. Also thanks to Mdm. Lee of The Pet Family in TESCO, Setia Alam for arranging the cages for us and the many emails & SMSs from friends here and abroad especially close friends like Ms. MJChan from Shanghai, China, Mr AT Lim from Sydney, Australia, and many others who have pledged donations.

Finally, after a through check and with antibiotic shot plus dewormer and a follow through medications, Grace was put on an "Elizabethan collar" to prevent her from licking her wounds which is medicated.

We then send her to Furry Friend Farms in Kundang near Rawang in the care of Sabrina. We are confident that Grace is in good hands.


pummkin said...

Well done, Donald!! Thanks for the video! This is pummkin saying hello!

Anonymous said...

Well done guys!

I also put the poster on our blog and hope we will help to collect donation for Furry Friends Farm.

Salute to u guys, esp Sabrina! *hugs*

xes said...

Well done chaps.

When I was younger I had to help my dogs clean their wounds after they get bitten. Open wounds and maggots were quite common. But the smell of it hounds me till this day.

andromedia said...

A job well done... it was because of all of you that I was given an opportunity to feed Grace her medicine and was gratefully rewarded with a warm lick from her... and yes, I was at FFF yesterday volunteering while bringing some necessities for our furry friends. And a promised has been made, in which I will be back and make it my second home... :)

And after my first visit there, I knew better of what else I can offer and I will be back more prepared... :)

Chew Mei Ling said...

My heart goes out to you and all the volunteers who has chipped in to rescue the abandoned dogs.

I will donate to Sabrina & team to continue this effort to help the helpless.

Angie Tan said...

God Bless you guys..

Thanks for the update on Grace. Hope that she will continue to get better.

ylsan said...

Thanks for the kind work and updates.
God bless all of you guys.

Emily Yee said...

From a silent reader all these while.

I encouraged all my friends, chatrooms I joined, forums I joined and also all the online shops I've connected to, to donate to this blessful mission. :) Wish & pray for all you and the dogs.

I cried everytime I read and watch the words/videos posted. Try to gain more people to donate. :)

Kai Hui, Leong said...

Good job to the vet and the volunteer. Keep it up.

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear all,

In the seven days, I will blog what we have seen and heard. I think you all should know what really happened and how thing went politically wrong but our dogs died a horrible death!
It is only those helpless swamp dogs that we really cared and not the kutus sitting their fat arse in their air conditioned office!

Donald G. H Tan
Birds Talking Too