Thursday, May 28, 2009


RM 1,000.00

A Cash Reward of (Ringgit Malaysia One Thousand) will be given by this blog site, Birds Talking Too from Klang, a support of FFF and all its rescuers, volunteers, helpers and supporters.
It is opened to anyone who can lead to the safe retrieval of Kunning to its rightful owner. E-mail me directly at: donaldghtan at gmail dot com (Please retype this correctly as it prevents bots spamming). The emailer must then declare full details which is requied for verification purposes. This information will be kept highly confinential. The Final decision of the reward would be by FFF Furry Friend Farms.

Please help us get Kuning. A dog dying at Hells Island everyday is the result of his being 'kid'napped!
This is ultimately URGENT!


Anonymous said...

Hello Donald!
I hope you will not contribute your own money or FFF's fund for Kuning cash reward, i know how much money would be needed for your ongoing rescue mission. This issue involves the public & i would like to contribute to this as well. I will write you a personal mail on this.

Please don't despair. You guys are never alone on this.


Anonymous said...

Hi it's me again,
i am not sure which is your email, is it tvsmith? Thank you!

Donald G.H Tan said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you so much for your kind comment. Me and my wife are strongly supporting FFF and her team in what ever we can. We have donated the cages, been at the kelong personally and at the FFF farm, helped Grace and would be continuing helping strays in what ever ways that we can.
Yes, the cash reward is from my wife and me. We are nature lovers and have always respected Mother Nature and her creations.

This is my e-mail. TV Smith is a very close friend for many years.

Thanks again and Regards
Donald G.H Tan
Birds Talking Too

Anonymous said...

GOD BLESS YOU DONALD AND YOUR WIFE! I really hope Kuning can be found!!! And still praying hard for Salvation and the others still trapped....also for the safety of all there.

Mrs Tham

Anonymous said...

You know, I was quite surprised that in the beginning when dogs were rescued off the islands, there was no indication of Kuning's part in it? I didn't know he was playing the LEADING ROLE!!

I only got updates on how many dogs was saved and even watched the video of Pam and the ladies diving into the water. Totally admire them.

But lately, when Kuning is missing, I am reading that without Kuning, ZERO dogs will be saved?

I think you guys are better than that. To use that statement is to say someone took Kuning, and as such no more dogs can be saved, so indirectly, whoever took Kuning is killing all the dogs in Hell Island.

Spoon said...

To the 4th "Anonymous": I think I know where u are coming from. First of all, the biggest culprit to all the unwanted episodes is the residents of Pulau Ketam who exiled the dogs. Considering the horrific environment on the island, it's not difficult for us to understand that the dogs live in macabre nightmare for the past few months now. Logically, most of them will be fearful of humans! Now keeping in mind that LOGICAL part, remember also FFF and the volunteers are NO expert in this sort of dog rescue action. The island and its surrounding are unpleasant and dangerous. Kuning played a pivotal role because he is one of their kind, hence trust can be gained more easily. Note that Kuning’s main strategy is to entice the dogs out to the rescue team; he didn’t go and set up dog traps everywhere if you know what I mean. My point is, it’s always very easy to just sit on your comfort ass and looking at others risking their lives to save lives while still have the thickness of face by criticizing: Oh u guys are better than that; oh u could’ve done better. Look into yourself, when what u r doing is less than others, u have no right to spit sarcasm on them. I salute whoever going out there saving the dogs, no matter who they are. Stop creating politics and differentiation over a noble mission like this. If demarcation can be drawn even in this event, I’m not surprised if the country turns disarray one day.