Thursday, May 21, 2009

Go! Angels,Go!

Another Try.

The entire team of FFF met again in a larger force this morning at the Port.

Sabrina's presence and assurance gave us hope to search harder and harder they did.

The entire team of ladies carried an additional kayak on to our boat

Easy does it.........
There....masuk already!
.....and off they went to our base (kelong) opposite Hells Island in Pulau Ketam...(Drat...... that name again)

These are truly our Angels.
It is getting clearer each day ..........who the Angels and Demons are!!!!!


Anonymous said...

TV Smith!
Please don't be harsh on yourself about little Salvation or any help that you thought you gave less, you guys are absolutely fighters for all of them. Plus realistically, non of us are professionally trained rescuers, those 'professional' ones are sitting in some air cond room reading your blog anyway. Our prayers are with all dogs & FFF all the time. On the plight of these horrible events, i wish you good health & abundance of faith!


Sarah said...

Isk.. I have been reading and following the updates about all these while and there is not a moment when my heart break and cry.

ashley w said...

i'm rooting for the angels of course!

Nikki, the Pug said...

Yeh! I say, "Go! Angels, Go!"

Anonymous said...

After reading a couple of blogs with regard to the animals plight and the rescue attempts what I got to say is
- the rescuers will have my respect and support
- f##k those dastardly MPK buggers !!
- Pulau Ketam should be renamed Pulau Kejam

- MummRa -

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear all,
Many thanks for d comments and support.
We have already boycotted Pulau Ketam and ALL seafood produced there. Will blog about it in seven days from today. Just imagine that the freshiest crabs, Juiciest prawns, the huge LaLa, biggest saito fish balls or the thick razor clams!!!! Most have eaten the dead flesh of our beloved drowned swamp doggies! YUCKS!!!!

Just hit them where it hurts!!!

Donald G.H.Tan
Birds Talking Too