Thursday, May 14, 2009


Have Mercy!
Received an urgent call from TV Smith about Mercy's arrival at the Port. This was just 3 hours ago. Connie named her.
She arrived in Connie's safe hands and was rushed to the Vet due to her condition. She was the one who got away after eating at the pontoon built by Majorie and Karin.
Read more at TV Smith's update with a video how Mercy appeared.
Mercy's at the Vet for immediate attention.
It looks like the girls are more tough and are indeed survivors at these times.
Still, just where are the 'jantans?'


ayuni said...

dis is cool man..i always follow da updates on dis dogs...
shame on them who throw da dogs at such place..dats is not even their suitable habitat!!

Dr. Gorman said...

Am following this every day. THANK YOU for the updates, videos, pictures, any news. Please contribute to this rescue effort if you can. Even a little will help. Send via PayPal to or directly to Furry Friends Farm. I am an American and am praying for all of your stamina, resources and for the dogs and the villagers too, for changes of heart.

Anonymous said...

Good to see one more addition to the family...poor skinny dog, must have went through such a big trauma...a big hug to the three brave ladies.

Teo HOng Yee

Anonymous said...

I have retrieve this piece of comment from stating that Mr Cha (the village head of Pulau Ketam) stated that "there were a lot of food source on the island such as fish, crabs, lizards, snakes and wild boar". That's also why they thought the dogs can live on that hell island!
This is what I have to say about this act, to Mr Cha, Mr Tee and the PKetam Folks that had contributed to this mess:
1) Well Cha & Tee, in the first place do you know that you are discarding domestic canines and not ALIGATORS!So what if that HEll Island really is full of fish, crabs, lizards, snakes and wild boar?? These dogs are not turtle nor crocs, do you expect them to dive and catch fish?? And secondly the lizards (monitor lizards/iguana) and snakes and wild boar seem more like predators to the hapless dogs than food. OMG!! Where is that brain of yours?? Thought you have no soul but no brain too!!
2) My GOD, just RM10 can make you folks do such a cruel thing! With RM50 I think you can kill a person lah!
3) From one Buddhist to another : I wish to know WHERE ARE YOUR SOULS? Are you sure you are praying and serving Buddha/Kuan Yin?? I am and why are we so different?
4) To MPK and Pulau Ketam Folks, please repent to what you have done... help these canines while they are still the rescuers so that their mission can be carried out with as leaset obstacles as possible. Be remorseful and save your own souls! said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Kudos Connie.Very appropriate name given to this little friend.How can anyone's heartstrings not be tugged after taking a look at all these poor ones. To MERCY, may you have mercy on all those who have cast you and your pals to the islands and also 'Bless' them so much that they be born animals in their next lives. Hugs for all u 3 lovely ladies and all who are in this rescue mission. May Happiness follow all of you people, people who are all hearts, always. :o)

Nikki, the Pug said...

go! girls. you girls rock

Anonymous said...

I think what you girls are doing is great and I just wish I could be there to help out too.

Shame on the PKetam people who seem to have such narrow-minded, shallow thinking.

Good luck!

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear all,

Thanks for your comment here.
We are still trying to rescue all but as the days pass, the barks and howls are fading.

I will blog more facts and figures in seven days time. Please read my blog. Be brave ya?

Donald G. H.Tan
Birds Talking Too