Friday, May 29, 2009

Time Ran Out


Even with a reward of RM 1,000 being offered by my family to get KUNING back, no one came forward with any helpful information. Time is running out. Dogs are dying.
It was believed that the great 'ORG' (or its agent) have hid him away from us. Most disgustingly, away from the owner. Also see Pummkin's update a few minutes ago.

Yup we heard that the great 'ORG' have rescued more dogs on other parts of the island but why? Why not PREVENT further discards being done by the Pulau Ketam folks? Why pick and blame us 'small time' rescuers?

OK you win. But I will have NO more respect for such an organisation like yours.

I will also boycot Pulau Ketam and all it's produce sold at all markets and seafood restaurants. From live fishes, crabs, prawns, clams, shells and fish balls. Please join me because I am already having 'nightmares' about these 'seafood' eating up meat of 400++ dead dogs. These dogs died in vain. Because of money and nothing else.

As for 'Salvation', I am very sad. I have no more words to say on this. So sorry, Salvation.
...."May you have a Happier life up There, the Great Kennel In the Sky together with your 400 other mates..."

Our reward still stands but till next Monday (1st. June, 2009). We want Kuning returned to his master. When we met him last Monday (25th. May) he cried and begged us to find him. We promised to do so. Kuning himself was a victim of this ordeal too but was saved. His master missed him so dearly. He is a Muslim.

I will be producing a short HD Video dedicated to Salvation and all those who have perished from such horrible act by humans. The very humans they loved and trusted. Of course, I will not forget Kuning, our Hero.

By this, I will now close this subject on my blog. Life goes on.

During this period I have neglected our Shih Tzu girl, Xiao Mei together with our 38 fishes in our pond, hundreds of orchids and not forgetting five Merbuks, seven Magpies, five Sunbirds and three Bulbuls (all are Wild Birds visiting our feeders and even nestings)

Many Thanks to all our friends, supporters and commenters.



Janz said...

Im wiz u guys... Boycott P.KETAM & ALL OF THEIR PRODUCTS!!!! No More RESPECTS for those "ORG". Sum tend to be nice infront but will show their true colour at the back... I felt sorry to all those poor lil fellows... May those poor lil fellows rest in peace....

Janice said...

Please do not give up now....the remaining dogs are still waiting for you to rescue.

We will continue to pray for your success and the survivor of the reamaining dogs.

I miss the frequent updates, please please please do not give up :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Donald,

Please don't give until no dog seen on that Hell Island..!

Birds Talking Too said...

Hi Janz, Janice and thefluffies,
Thanks for your comments and encouragement. I forgot to mention that my family and I will NOT give up support for the rescue at Hell's Island. This is a very dangerous place and is not an island that was lead to be believed.
I am in my late 50s and do not have enough physical strength to do what our fantastic rescue team like Pam, Joanne, Daniel, Hew (just to name a few) did. TV Smith is a very old buddy of mine for the last 27 years. We did the first recce in Pulau Ketam together when we heard of the dumping of the dogs. We did the expose.
The crux of the problem here lies with the Authorities. When will all this end? Do we honestly think that we can save every dog now stranded? The Ketam folks may still be dumping dogs as we write.
So how long can Pam and her team be there?
It really hurt if you had seen what we saw much earlier and also many comments made by the folks of the village of the Damnned!
They do not care less.
I still stand by my belief. BOYCOTT them till they realise that there a rules to follow and laws to be abided.
They blame MPK, MPK blamed them and SPCA, who eventually blamed the folks who blame the dogs in the end!!! So when do this end?
Do look at the bigger picture. Think out of the box. Overall it is the humans that cause such misery.
We now look forward to help Sabrina and FFF to take good care of those lucky 21 dogs to lead their lives to the fullest. Neuter them and find them good homes.
It pointless to 'rescue' and keep adding to Sabrina's overloaded farm without finding ways to home the strays.
The cost of maintenence, medical, neutering and care for each rescued is enormous.
Besides all these, negative actions to evict the FFF farm have been made too. Political back stabbing, one sided press reports, and strangely an internationally known ORG have attempted to flattened FFF with a bulldozer!
You know what I mean.
Thanks again for all your loving care for the Swamp Dogs.

Cheers and Regards
Donald G.H.Tan
Birds Talking Too

Win said...

Hi Donald, have been following your blog for a few days now. Pummkins blog has some comments that said that Kuning has been found. Is it true? I am overjoyed but I need to confirm this piece of news first. Thanks for all the hard work in rescuing the poor souls.

andromedia said...

Mr Donald, I'll wait for you to complete the video dedicated to salvation and other dogs whom perished in this heart-breaking incident. I wanted to show it to people around me that it's life that they are destroying. I wanted them to know that not all dogs are a beast. Some are lovely and adorable too, and that they are man's best friend. How could a human do such cruel thing to their best friend?

It will sure create awareness among people. Well, at least I managed to touch the feelings of a friend and persuade him to come and help out at FFF. Every small form of help will add up and be something great when combined. That is my belief.

And you should stick to your beliefs too... that you will be able to achieve what you have in mind. Without that, we have nothing.

andromedia said...

And Win, let me rest assure you that Kuning is in safe hands now. The news came from a very reliable source. I am sure Pam and others will be posting on it when the time is right... :)

Be patient... :)

Alice Phua said...

I feel sad for the poor dogs in the hell island....