Thursday, May 14, 2009

Great Girls!

Go! Girls, Go!

Ever since I have personally helped in rescuing the Swamp Dogs off Hell Islands (Pulau Ketam)
I am still unwell. We really needed more young and able people who have high reserve strength to assist. But not many came forward. Many pledges were made but none complied.

Sabrina, TV Smith , Connie, Daniel... stayed on. Now we have another three heroines who would, like TV Smith wowed to stay on. Even one got sacked from her job!

Pummkin, Majorie and Karin are our true lovable, action going girls! You are great, girls.
Hey where are the jantans? Especially from Hell Island itself? Poodah!

I will rejoin FFF and her group once I get better and help them fight on to rescue the surviving canines.

Just see TV Smith's latest video shot by Daniel here.

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