Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Confirmed Missing!

Please, Please Give Us Back

Was with the Rescue team of FFF on Monday.

Spent the whole afternoon at the Kelong opposite Hells Island. Did my part blowing my 'dog training' whistle for hours but failed to get a response. The sea was very rough and the current was the strongest we have ever seen. We were even worried about our very own safety.

I cannot imagine any dogs swimming towards us.
Got back bloody tired and very discouraged.

Empty handed. Without Kuning, we got no dogs.
We stand a better chance if he is there because he goes into the island to coax them out.
Now he is gone! Dog-napped!!!!!
Please help us find him! The remaining lives of the stranded dogs depends on him.
We have zero yesterday and today. Time IS running out.

Very Urgent, please help us.


Anonymous said...

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful..

Please let them find Kuning soon. Please ease them in the rescue mission. All they want is to help the other creatures. Please lead them and please keep all the rescuers and the dogs in that island safe.


Dr. Gorman said...

I agree and support this prayer from Amin. Please let Kuning return to his owners safely and soon. Please let the dogs not suffer on the island. Please let the rescuers have the energy, wisdom and strength to save more dogs.


Donald G.H Tan said...

Dear Fluffies and Dr. Gorman,

Thanks for the kind prayers and encouragement. The situation at Hell's Island is bad. we hate to believe that by now, the dogs are all gone. A mangrove specialist came with us last Monday and confirmed that there were no traces of life especially tracks or paw prints on the mud, wet or dried.
We still go there. It rained last night after five days, therefore the dogs have NO water source earlier.
This is NOT an island although it is named as a 'pulau'. There are NO dry patches of land lasting more that 6 hours and mangrove trees grows straight and upwards. Older one are bent at the base. That lucky survivor managed to sit on one.
Yup, we are not giving up easily.
We will try until there is no more.
Thanks again

Donald G. H. Tan
Birds Talking Too
p.s. I really wish I am wrong.

Anonymous said...


My prayer are with you and the other angel's. The poor souls are always in my prayer too, stray dog's or not they are A LIFE, breathing like us and deserve better treatments. I wish for Kuning to be sent safe and sound to you Angel's. May Allah be with you guys, gives strength, peace of mind and health as you Angel's need it the most now! ZZLO

Nikki, the Pug said...

Mr Tan

Was wandering why can't you guys rescue more dogs instead of 1 or 2 in a day. Sure, I knew the risk you guys were in. Need not be at site to know it. Now... even 1 dog a day would suffice, 1 dog rescued in a day would surely make my day.

You think the Almighty is helping? Otherwise, why no more dogs, why no Kuning. Maybe I have not been sincere in my prayers.

The people who created this whole mess are heartless!! Subject a living being to such cruelty.

I know I am just all talk and nothing else, but deep inside, it is hurting...really.

Kim Gorman said...

Donald, we will stand with you in prayer until the time comes to move on. It is the best we can do, along with monetary support. My heart aches for those trying to survive. Humans cannot survive but five days without water; I don't know about dogs. And for the villagers to heartlessly put them on an island without solid ground and only sharp roots to maneuver around in the dark - I can't imagine what they were thinking or how they can sleep at night. Bless you each and every moment in the rescue efforts. We know you will get as many as humanly possible. The rest will be up to the Almighty in His infinite wisdom and grace.

Dr. Gorman said...

Don, as I'm sure you know already, the SPCA is saying they have moved their traps to the other island, where five dogs were spotted. Perhaps that's why there is less activity on Tengah. The same blogger also says Kuning was not treated well by some of the kelong fishermen. It is impossible for us to know the true story. I wish there was not the negative energy spent on both sides. It has to drain all of you and harm your immune systems. There is a place for everyone in a perfect world. And though it's not a perfect world, the showing of love and respect to all living creatures is the only way I know to truly be at peace. God bless you all and good luck persevering in the face of animosity.