Saturday, August 22, 2009


Free Advertising Space!

Up for grabs! Thousands of kilometres advertising space free of charge! Contact your local Highway Operators now!

Do any of us realise that our dear country is going down the dumps? Just where is Law and Order? We already have Ah Longs driving us, including all MPs (Majlis Perbandarans) & Ms. Daisy, crazy by doing the "stick & remove" hide and seek.
Now, by accident, I discovered that the side crash barriers and railings are 'stenciled' with mobile phone numbers offering help should a car or motorbike break down.
Yes ,we have first class facilities but the mentality of such people are truly 3rd. class!
Just where are the capable 'Authorities'? What about the bosses, supervisors and managers of the Toll operators ? Do they have no disclipine and clout to 'arrest' such people too? Or perhaps, being disciplined is also, another "orang puteh" culture?

Hey AAM! You've got competitors!

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