Friday, August 14, 2009

It's Foodie Time!

Best Curry Laksa in
Klang 2009

Since we moved to Klang, we have been seeking for 'that' perfect hawker food from various stalls around town. Klang already have its share of the famous Bak Kut Teh and trying out the other favourites are quite a chore.
Earlier in our postings of July and of last week's, we now feature one of our favourites.
The Curry Laksa Mee (chinese version).

Being a KLites, many are used to the thick and creamy curry soup as the ones commonly found in PJ. One of the famous one is the shop in OUG. The one at Glenmarie is ok but very spicy (as in spices). A bit over the top.

We like this Klang's stall. It is just right. It is not as light as the Penang's curry mee but somewhere in between. It has a strong taste of serai (lemon grass), lengkuas (gelangal) and natural kunyit (turmeric). Our vote is this for the last 4 years.


Here's the Video.

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