Friday, August 7, 2009

Plane Spotting

Something New?

Remember the old Subang International Airport?
One can just park their cars next to the taxiing runway to look aircrafts and feel the awesome power of their jet engines. Or perhaps have lunch or dinner looking at jets taking off.
I missed those days.
Do everyone know that the (KLIA) Kuala Lumpur International Airport and its surroundings are out of bounds to the public even for families trying to teach or educate their children how to appreciate airplanes?
A long time ago, when KLIA was at its completion stages, one was allowed to view the runway and the airport from the observation hill directly opposite the airport.
Today, this particular is a restricted zone. There is a signage warning you to keep clear and out of it. They even show you a 'graphic' that one may be "tembak-ed" (shot) if you enter the area.

Why is this so? What are they afraid of? Would be terrorists? Someone who can use a RPG (rocket propelled grenade) to shoot down planes? Awww....come on, that did not happen to any in civilized countries. Are we not a safe country anymore? If anyone wants to do that, I seriously think they can do it anywhere near the flight path. Not from that 'observation hill.'
There are such hobbyists going around 'shooting planes' with cameras. Even with High-end photographic equipment. And also in Airports around the world! Just go to this three favourite websites to see the excellent pictures taken by these enthusiasts at and our own Malaysian Wings forum. & Velocity forum.

Dear KLIA authorities, please-lah allow back the public something to pass their time and to be educated. Let our children have some fun and for us photo/videographers some space to enjoy our passion. You may say that it was done for public safety. Please-lah give us a better excuse but not this lame-duck reasoning! We are reaching year 2020 already.

Please see this picture, courtesy of, how people in other countries enjoying an airliner landing at an airport.

Awesome. Wish to hear from any avid plane spotters out there.

(pictures courtesy of, MalaysianWings & Velocity)


Snapshots said...

come to Penang, go to the south side of Queensbay Mall, there you have no problem in Plane spotting! The Jumbo Jets will be crossing right over you head just around 100 ft, with their flaps and wheels down.

Birds Talking Too said...

Hey Thanks!
May plan a trip there. Also missed all da great food though. Will wait till da SMOG clears.


Snapshots said...

go to this link, this is how close you can see the jumbo jets and other planes crossing right overhead and enjoy the fresh air as well.

Anonymous said...

oh i miss our old subang airport too. I was very small still, but i remembered they have our tropical rainforest setting as you enter the building... klia should have this too!