Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Video Light and Battery..part2

New LED Video Light

The newly ordered LED light panel consists of 70 [10mm] LEDs is being used now to test its efficiency.

I find it good because it is ultra-light weight and have a long battery operating life in between charge. It came with 4 barndoors with reflectors on the inside. This gives added brightness at a certain flipped angle. Although LED lighting have less 'punch' compared with a single quartz halogen, I like it because it has practically no heat and is less glaring.

As for this, I would only use it for close range illumination and not for group shots of 4m and above.

You can see the video I shot with this LED light at yesterday's posting of a food blog here.

There is no problem with the daylight side lighting and the LEDs color temperature is around 5000K.

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