Monday, August 31, 2009

Yup, nothing special

Just Another Monday

So, it is supposed to be a special day today.
But I do not feel it. I think I've have lost this special feeling many years ago.

The Americans had theirs, the Sinkaporeans also had theirs and many fully cultured and matured countries have theirs. And what is our country so different in the celebration?

I believe I need not say it out loud because many of us already know why. The so called 'spirit of celebration' is looking artificial every year and 'patriotism' to us, seemed to lose its meaning every time. So just what do this day mean to so many of us? I am already in my late 50s and born before 1957. Do I not qualify to feel what real 'independence' is all about?
From one colonial master to another?
I just don't have it anymore.
Just don't blame me.
Maybe, just go to Sim Kwang Yang's bogsite 'Hornbill Unleashed' to learn how to 'feel good' about our Merdeka Day today.

Anyway, have a nice day today yah?
It is the same old 'Black" Monday

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