Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome Buddy!

Long-tailed Tailor Bird
Orthotomus sutorius
This is our new visitor. It must be the Smog that made this little twitter ended up in our home here in Klang. We have not see her before. We just loved to hear her high pitched twittings whenever she drops by.
Also due to the clearing of the vast tract of belukar (forrest) behind our home, this little bird have no where to go! On our lane, both the side and front, only our 3 trees (two mango trees and a moringa tree) is the tallest. Co-incidentally, these are the only trees growing here!
Many thanks to our fellow birder Mr. Ooi Chong Seng P.P.N. (his web page here) for his help. We deeply appreciate his identification of our new comer.

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