Friday, August 28, 2009

Sizzling Day!

Bring Out the Coffee!

Since Malaysia Today say that it is going to be 'Sizzling' tomorrow, I am going to bring out the coffee and wait!

We have been enjoying traditional Malaysian "Black" hainan coffee since time immemorial , we have always have the three brands available in our home larder.
Our choice goes to the following:-

1) Hai Peng Coffee from Kemaman (Strong and have extra Ooomph!)
2) 434 coffee from Muar (Light & Easy)
3) Train Brand from Penang (just nice and thick ) the runners up are:- Aik Cheong from Malacca & TV Brand from Kluang.

The above are packed in satchets either with sugar or without. These are pure Hainan coffee and are not 'white' coffee or pure powdered originals like "Blue Mountain".

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