Monday, August 3, 2009

SemiValue Dept.

"Street Demos Shooing Away Investors"

Are you still alive? Are you still speaking from that cave somewhere North of here? You only represent certain percentage of a certain percentage community and NOT the whole population. Why can't you just Shut da Fuck up?

You see, I really do not know how educated you are. The last time I heard, you even failed your standard six (12 years old)! Investors have better brains than you. They do not see just street demos to decide Investments. The country's Stability and its Citizens' well-being are the one to watch!

Here, I give you top 10 things the Smart Investors have been watching!

1) Increasing CRIME rate! Many investors do not want their wives and daughters go through the ordeal of having their handbags snatched! Getting raped or murdered is not on their list either. Dying in lockaps are also increasing!

2) When Investors come over to build factories, their specialists and staff would also be here. I believe our TV entertainment STINKS to high heaven! You want them to watch the stupid local stuff 24/7? What? ASSTRO? Are you that stupid!
3)As if the foreign bosses are not that 'all-read' person, I strongly believe that they also do not like Mat Rempits! No, not even smelly armpits!
4)SMOG! No, not mist, not haze, dew or fog. It is SMOG! Dirty burning bushes smoke! Caused by some poor farmers taking the fast, cheap and easy way out to plant crops. Bad air means bad health and Investors wants pure & clean air to stay alive.
5) Public Transport is also important. All of them are controlled by croonies and are clueless about running the show. Therefore, the public suffers. Now bus and taxi fares are up!
6) Unhygienic food. Just see the ever increasing numbers of cheap foreign labourers at many eateries. Third World hygiene standards (if there is ever one). The numbers of food poisoning cases are also up. What about hospitals and denggue?
7) Fuckingly slow "Broadband" which is supposedly to be "World Class". How do one do business with such slow connectivity?
8) Corruption is still unsolved. New and powerful 'warloards' are showing up with their new 'palaces, 'istanas' and 'castles' which are also sprouting all over. Even a dentist can afford millions of Ringgit in renovations! The 'palace', pictured below, is owned by a railway gate-keeper's family.
9) Malaysia is the most expensive place to buy 'that' car. I am refering to a country, not an island like Sinkapore that have limited roads. Only one 'person' controls the sale prices of all the good branded cars!
10) Banned this and banned that. Controlled entertainment stuff like shows and liquors, 'not certified-fit-for-consumption food', 'sinful' stuff, raids at night spots, easy availability of physchotric drugs like estascy ......blah,blah! Some poor 'gwei lohs' were even rounded up like cattles in a night club raid! I also remember an old foreign couple, like in their 80s, got a shock when the zealots broke into their room. They were suspected to be having illict sex!
Then, the easy availability of Ayams (No, not ayamas) prostitutes from China and drugs.

Sammi, it is this pile of shit that the Investors are worried about coming to this once-lovely country, which is so dear to us. It is also 'assholes' like you blabbering and acting like little Napeoleans that is causing the problem. Definitely not some poor souls trying to do some peaceful demonstration as done in more advanced countries.

This is pure shit sammi, pure Shit.
Any shit left?


Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Tan!

Even Mahathir cannot oust him.

But given his old age, he will retreat one of this days, irregardless of whether he wants to or not.



Donald G.H Tan said...

God also cannot move him! Unless I go tell his two peacocks at his home to do something! Ha!Ha!
Birds Talking Ma!

hew said...

reminds me of the story of a famous Executioner.. HungLow

One day a condemned man in chains pleaded with him to put him out of his misery quickly and mercifully.

upon which the Famous HungLow waved his massive sword about in the air..swishing it around in a martial display.

and the condemned man said in agitation. why are u doing this..?

and HungLow said to him.. Nod please!! and when the man did nod, his head fell off his neck...

semivalue is gone.. but he doesnt know it, quite yet...heeeehehehehe

Birds Talking Too said...

Ha!Ha! me think he knows it!