Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Not found in Klang

A Traditional
Fish Dish

Was in Sungei Buloh visiting a friend's factory and was treated to lunch.

The main dish brings sweet memories especially during the 70's. This old traditional steam fishhead dish was a delicacy especially to the 'old' areas off Sungei besi, Pudu, Cheras and Salak South in Kuala Lumpur. We missed this more after we have moved to Klang.

Fresh water fishes such as the Chinese Grass Carp and the Bighead Carp are steamed together with light soy sauce or with grated young ginger or with tauchu (fermented soy beans). It was good that they kept to the traditional receipe.

Please go to my youtube link for the HD video as this blogsite cannot display the high resolution. The down-streaming from our internet service provider suxs!

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