Monday, August 24, 2009

Urgent Message

Bloody Broadband

It took me 12hrs to post a blog. It failed many times. I gave up.
It could be because of the many text and pictures I usually blog. (Honestly, is it that many?)Uploading to youtube also hanged! If this message goes thru, then I am lucky.

If this is what Malaysian Broadband is all about, then we are in deep shit!

All the bull talk about broadband. The funny thing is that whenever they launch a new brand supposedly called PeeOne etc, they would be covering in the SAME area where people have ALREADY GOT better speed and coverage in the first place. When any newer future brand opens again, the same happens! The people in the same area gets another brand.

Just what about the others? It also look like when the HSBB opens in 2 years time, the SAME people gets another choice! Fcuk you GORMEN! You are all lame and brainless pricks!
Now we also know how many of them got their Doctorates and Masters! Bloody cheats!

I may not want to blog anymore. It is highly frustrating.

Yah, GORMEN, go ahead and censor/filter the net.

Foreigners, welcome to your second home! Broadband cheats & Asstro Suxs! No entertainment of world class. They do not like "Orang Puteh culture" here!
Maybe it would be better to count all the remaining white hairs you have left or better still, pick up and count lice while you are at it!

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