Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bad Saturday!

Remember the warning?

Remember the advices people were giving about the Big Bad Flu?
Seriously, just how many of us really remember all the good suggestions made?
We Malaysian do really have short memories do we?

Woke up this morning and received a call from a relative. Their two kids now are suspected having the 'big bad flu'. Have already been sick for two weeks. Been to the doctor and have been taking their medications but the sore throat came on and off. Strangely, I noticed the family's taking things "light and easy". Like still going to the hypermart, shopping, movies, also to school.
Now both of them started coughing! Their lungs are infected says the doctor.
Now both of them are given medical 'leave' for 5 days. This is 'self quarantine'.
What is next after the 5 days?

At 2pm, while chatting with a fellow blogger, he mentioned that his wife and kid also kena bad cough last night. Their doctor also said something about their lungs and the 'big bad flu' today.
Then half an hour ago, two friends who are also my blog reader called up about their family doctor's visit hours ago. All kena the flu! No wonder, bloggers also missing already!
It looks like it is going to be an interesting week ahead!!!!!
What else can we say?

My advice to those who are very concern is this:-

1) Stop taxing your body's immune system. Cut off ALL processed food you are eating everyday such as KFC, McD, man-made-convenient food like mee, bihun, cakes, processed sugar, processed salt, canned drinks, meat, milo, instant noodles, & instant everything!!!!
2) Give your body a time to heal by eating ONLY natural food like natural fruits and vegetables.

3) Plenty of rest and sleep and pure drinking water. (Not mineral water mind you !)
4) Switch off that damned "Air- conditioner"! You really can sleep without it. Wear thinner clothes
not only it is sexier, it is much cooler too! You will soon forget about that 'flu'! and remember to chuck that 'bloody' thick comforter,
out of the bedroom! Switch on the fan and use a thinner 'towel-like' blanket if you have to!
5) Stay OUT of crowded places. Serious!
6) Eat IN. Do not eat OUT!
7) Wear that mask for your own sake! Use this if you have to!
Do all this for two weeks. I sincerely think you would be able to feel better.
To those unfortunate friends who are going thru such period, please stay positive and fight this ordeal.

All the best!

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