Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is it Original?

Penang Fried Kuih Teow.

When in Penang, many would not miss the fried kuih teow which have made Penang so famous. Although every stall that fries the Kuih Teow in Penang are lips smacking, did you know that the original fried kuih teow is from KL?

Way back in the late 1950s, especially at eateries and foodstalls, the people in the older part of Kuala Lumpur around Pudu, the original "See-Hum Chow-Fun" (cockle fried kuih teow) with the main ingredient as cockles, breans sprout, chives and added chilli to taste. Duck eggs were used also. It is also darker in color with added dark soy-sauce. Similar dish are also served in Ipoh and Seremban.

Today, the Penang's version with added large shrimps is 'the' dish. It is already an icon of Penang's list of best food. Below is a video shot in SS2,PJ. Uncle Peter's Penang Fried Kuih Teow is located at the previous Cheow Yang Restaurant now called Restaurant Lim Brothers.

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