Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Klang Is Suffocating!..Pt.2

Bloody Hell!

Why is it always when something hit PutraJaya, then the Gormen say something about it?
Malaysiakini reported that it 'gloomed' all the dickheads there!
We in Klang have been choked by the damned bloody SMOG for the last two weeks and even the Press did not say anything but mentioned only Port Klang and Shah Alam. Just what is the API reading now, today? Isn't Klang town more populated than Shah Alam and Port Klang? Or the Gormen do not want to cause a 'panic situation'?

As I type this, just look out of the window! It is pucking polluted! The heavy 3-hour rain this morning even could not clear the haze! Just where the puck is the haze coming from? Indonesia again?

With all the power, brains (if any) and machinery, just why can't the damn Gormen do, really do, something and end this SMOG once and for all? All talking cock but no action. Prefers to whack own citizens who are tax payers and who protested in the streets! Are we not Malaysians? I would prefer that if any pucking 'illegals' caught burning on our land, we just catch them and hang them by da balls?

Read a blog that the SMOG have reached Putrajaya and the folks are all worked-up. Puck you!
We have this SMOG for 2 weeks already while you were still sleeping on the job. We die first ..izzit? You think you really bigshot..izzit!
Just what have we got to do to let the Gormen knows that this SMOG thinggy is bad for our health? Where is the 'healthy' minister? Isn't he going to say or act on anything? Do we have to make a street protest over this SMOG?

Puck da schucks!


Teoh Yew Aun said...

Sir, you have a lot of anger in you.

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Sir Teoh,
Thanks for your comment. It is not my anger I am worried about. It is more for those who are going to die because of our Gormen's inactivity to stop da bloody neighbouring country's attitude.

Birds Talking Too