Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gaji Buta!

How To Make Money
Without Selling Anything!

TMNut is at it again.
Do it, you pay. Don't do it, you also pay!

(The above appeared in The Star newspaper today)

What the fuck are all this croonies doing to the public? They are really "milking us dry"! We, the public have been watching what we spend everyday and one will be surprised at how easy going "tidak apa" we have been all these years! Electricity bill increase have already started. Today and everyday, we are paying a new rate. The bill comes end of the month! Scream now or at the end of the month? Malaysian are well known for screaming only 'there and then'. Then after that, forget already.

Another example is the water bill we are paying for the office, which is at the first floor of a two storey shop lot. The MINIMUM payment is RM36.00 per month. That would mean RM 430.00 per year. The funny thing is that we use only RM1.00 per month worth because we do not bathe or cook in the office. Therefore SYABAS makes the balance of RM35.00 per month. FUCK! No use water also pay in full. That means SYABAS get paid for not selling what is worth! Who the fuck, doesn't want this kind of business arrangement? Guaranteed Gaji Buta (Blind Salary)
Also like TMNut again. Their Stimyx Broadband costs us RM88.00 per month for a 1Mbps package. With such low fucking speed of 32Kbps, I would say that it is only worth RM8.00 per month. They make RM80.00 per month for nothing! That would be RM960.00 per year!

Who da fuck, doesn't want this kind of business monopoly?

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