Sunday, August 2, 2009

Klang Is Suffocating!

FuckedUp API
Am I going nuts or am I seeing things?
Got up this Sunday morning as it rained for half an hour.

I thought I'd better go do some video shoot because usually after the rain, we get better visibility thus good scenery shots. But then, the smog came & got thicker! As at 2pm, it got worst! (warning...bad pictures ahead)

Just what da fuck is our beloved country going thru? What da fuck are the authorities doing besides shooting water canons at helpless prosters? Our dear citizens are getting ill. Six are already dead from the disease of the air.Is the minister, chief minister, small minister and the prime minister are all blind to this? Gawd, please do not let me read the news tomorrow that all is well and the API (Air Pollutant Index) is normal but slightly above the average! Bullshit! Enough is enough!

Since they 're-adjusted' the index many years ago, my trust for it's reading have gone down the longkang! Cock! They are talking pure cock!

Just what happened to the usual clear and clean air that we breathe? We are fed up with all the excuses & blames and the helplessness da authorities are saying year-in and (y)ear-out. You are da fucking authorities that we placed you there with our taxes. So get your arses out of that goddamned air-cond office and do something! Shoot some people if necessary!
It gets worst every year!
Or is it that the 'godamned-money-making-fuckers' cannot think of a way to make MONEY from free air that they just could not care less.... izzit?

Hey, air is FREE. Leave it alone. It is Nature's gift to us, f.o.c , so that we all (animals included) can be alive. There are not enough green areas in every town and cities to help re-generate the already polluted air! So stop eyeing every 'green patches' or trees to cut down to make money!
Just where da fuck are the minister of Environment & the Health(y) minister?
Just what can we, the tax payers and loyal citizens do to tell da Gormen that we are serious?
Write email, complain to the press, blog, reply. Also cannot ....protest!
What?...... wait another 5 years for the damn General Elections?

Just what da fuck?

(all da above damn 'lousy' pictures are mine...Google Images is smart enough not to give out bad pictures!)

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